Woman sues for fall at market

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 4:13 PM

An Arizona woman is suing Albertsons after slipping and falling inside the Durango store.

The plaintiff, Carrie LePiors, is seeking in excess of $100,000 to cover medical expenses and pain and suffering.

A spokeswoman for Albertsons returned a phone call, but did not respond to a request for comment.

The incident occurred Dec. 5, 2011, when LePiors entered the store to purchase sodas for friends who were moving from one house to another, according to the lawsuit filed last week in District Court.

LePiors was walking past the Starbucks Coffee stand near the entrance when she stepped into a slippery substance on the floor, lost her footing and fell to the ground, according to the lawsuit.

LePiors, who is visually impaired and was using a bladder stimulator, has no recollection of a caution sign being used.

She fell forward onto her right knee and landed on her buttocks, according to the lawsuit. She immediately complained that her bladder stimulator was shocking her and that her right knee felt badly hurt.

As a result, she underwent surgery on her right knee followed by months of physical therapy. She also underwent three separate surgeries to repair her bladder stimulator. She finally underwent a fourth surgery to create an opening for a urinary diversion, which will be required for the rest of her life.

Durango lawyer Amos Soignier, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of LePiors, said he hopes to reach a settlement with the corporation’s insurance company.

“We’re still early in the negotiation process,” he said.