Was King Tut ever MVP of Super Bowl?

Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009 2:16 AM

So, we've come to the annual convergence of Snowdown and the Super Bowl.

All the excitement and pageantry of a Durango winter is boiled into one weekend in late January and/or early February.

Wouldn't it make sense, dear GeoQuiz readers, if these galvanizing activities were to be held on separate weekends?

I mean, if you've just partied for three or four days straight, do you have anything left for the big game Sunday night?

There is absolutely no reason for this collision of events. It's time we La Plata Countians got on the phones and did some serious lobbying.

It's doubtful Snowdown organizers would budge, so we need to ask the NFL to switch the weekend when it plays its little football game.

Here's what to do: Call NFL headquarters in New York at (212) 450-2000. Ask to speak to Commissioner Roger Goodell. He's probably in Tampa today for the big game, but I'm sure he'll get back to you when he gets a chance.

If that's too intimidating, call the Denver Broncos Football Club at (303) 649-9000. The Broncos may be more understanding, because some of us here in Southwest Colorado are fans or even season ticket-holders.

This weekend marks the 31st celebration of Snowdown, that renowned cabin fever reliever. The Super Bowl's been around longer - this is No. 43 - but was anybody actually watching it until a few years ago?

To honor this weekend's two such worthy events, the crack GeoQuiz staff here on the 48th floor of our corporate monolith has put together a little test on both the Super Bowl and the theme country of this year's Snowdown, Egypt.

(Answers on Page 11C.)1. One of these cities does not lie on the Nile River: Aswan, Khartoum, Cairo, Jerusalem. Name it.

2a. Construction of this dam in Egypt began in 1960. When it was finished in 1968 it greatly increased the country's agricultural production.

2b. Name the lake backed up by the dam. It was named after the president of the country at the time of construction.

2c. The lake is about 330 miles long and reaches what country to the south of Egypt?

3. Name the two seas that border Egypt.

4. Two cities share the record for most Super Bowls hosted with nine. One is on the Atlantic Coast, the largest city in the state called "feast of flowers" by a Spanish explorer. The other is on the Mississippi River, the largest city in a state named after a French king.

5. Three cities are tied with the most Super Bowl victories. One is on the Trinity River, one is the site of Alcatraz Island and one lies on the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. Name the cities, and for extra credit as a sports buff, how many has each won?

6. The only Super Bowl MVPs named Joe grew up in this state, named the Keystone State. For more sports buff credit, name the players.

7. This city, the nation's 11th largest by population, has hosted two Super Bowls, in 1982 and 2006. This city's team has never played in the Super Bowl, and doesn't figure to anytime real soon.