Animal Planet crew seeks Bigfoot

Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013 4:17 PM

Animal Planet is searching for Bigfoot in the Four Corners and may shoot more than one episode in the area, according to the Four Corners Film Office.

On the Finding Bigfoot website, the show promises to “investigate compelling new finds in multiple states” including Arizona and Colorado.

The Animal Planet network’s preproduction crew came to the area Nov. 23, and the production crew arrived two weeks later, said the coordinator for the Durango-based film office, Lisa Schwantes.

The production team of about 25 requested a stage coach from the office and may have used them to re-enact some area legends, she said. They were also looking to shoot a town hall scene, and she suggested Mancos and Silverton.

Last week, the crew shot aerial footage, and it was planning to shoot around the Four Corners Monument, she said, with the crew expected to be in the area for about two weeks.

The Animal Planet crew initially called the Durango Chamber of Commerce to decide whether it wanted to stay in Durango or Farmington. The chamber immediately put the crew in touch with Schwantes, who brought them to the area. The film office in Durango was created two years ago specifically for this purpose.

“Our office wants to help attract productions, be a liaison to the services and attract that economic impact,” she said.

Schwantes said the show may attract tourists – most likely Bigfoot believers investigating local legends featured on the show.

“There’s just some intrigue and mystique to that whole legend,” she said.

A spokesperson with Animal Planet said the network wouldn’t comment until an episode airs.