Firefighters called south of Durango to douse blaze

Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014 4:07 PM

Firefighters from the Durango Fire Protection District responded to a house fire about 7:40 p.m. Thursday evening.

“It was a small fire that was completely contained quickly,” said the district’s Fire Marshal Karola Hanks. “It was around the area of the stovepipe, and was so minor, they’re not even asking for an investigator.”

Hanks said the residents would be back in the mobile home shortly, and they would not have to seek alternate shelter for the night.

Firefighters originally were called to County Road 215, but the fire actually took place in the 1000 block of County Road 216 south of Durango.

“It turns out you go down 215 and then take a right,” Hanks said.

Upper Pine Fire Protection District responded to a major fire that probably started around a malfunctioning vent pipe for a wood stove early Monday morning, so this makes the second fire this week related to wood stoves.

“Tis the season,” Hanks said. “Not all wood stoves can be installed in mobile or modular homes. They’re rated according to the heat they put out. I don’t know if this one was or wasn’t caused by an inappropriate type of wood stove, but we’re seeing it, and seeing it regularly.”

The label should indicate whether or not a wood stove is safe for use in a mobile or modular home, she said.

“And people need to know to ask the right question,” she said.