Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009 1:27 AM

What goes around comes around, this time as a fruity beer.

The folks at Carver Brewing Co. and the Bootleggers Society have bottled and kegged the cider pressed at the Homegrown Festival, the apple-extravaganza event held in October at Buckley Park.

At the event, FLC students and the public were invited to turn the crank and load apples into two presses. The resulting juice was given to the Bootleggers Society, which is made up of Durango's four local breweries.

The drink they created, called Insider Ale, is now available at liquor stores (only in a single bomber size at 1 pint, 6 fluid ounces, not in six-packs).  Wagon Wheel Liquors carries the bomber for $4.59. Each local brewery - Carvers, Ska, Durango Brewery and Steamworks - kept a half-barrel for draft pours.

The malt beverage, "brewed with community-pressed cider" as it says on the bottle, is a pale golden color. The scent and taste of cider is strong and sweet.

CSU Extension Agent Darrin Parmenter said buying this ale is a great way to support our local bounty and give back to the community, as the profits from the liquor store sales will go back to the festival for next year.

"For those of you who helped harvest apples or help turn the presses to make the juice, well, this is your reward!" said Parmenter.

- - -There may be a blanket of snow on the ground, but there are still local foods available this time of year.

Durango Farmers Market will have a second winter market at the Smiley building from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. As a special Valentine's Day treat, High Desert Foods will sell gluten-free baked goods, and O'Hara's Jams & Jellies will sell gift bags and baskets.

now open

Poultry In Motion is not a reference to a Snowdown parade entry of silly people in chicken suits. Nor is it a political reference to the value of allowing egg-producing chickens in downtown-Durango backyards. 

Nope. Poultry in Motion is a new take-out food establishment that sells "broasted" chicken. This is a trademarked process of

creating pressure-cooked, deep-fat fried chicken in a special fryer.

The Broaster Co. makes the stainless-steel fryer, a machine that looks like a top-loading clothes washer with a lock-down lid. It also markets the cooking process. If you want to sell Broaster chicken, you have to follow the company's preparation instructions and sign an agreement that you will cook chicken only in a Broaster Co.-manufactured pressure fryer and only using Broaster's Chickite marinade and Slo-Bro seasoning. Only then can you call your chicken Broaster.

Poultry in Motion offers chicken-only or chicken meals, which include coleslaw, broasted spuds or sweet potatoes and rolls. Barbecue beans and spud dip are also available. A four-piece chicken meal, which feeds one to two people, costs $10.75.

The restaurant opened in January in the College Plaza at College Drive and Eighth Avenue. The shop is open evenings only, from 3:30 to 8:30 p.m. Orders take about 15 to 20 minutes to prepare, and should be ordered ahead at 259-1415 and picked up.

Opening a new restaurant in

Southwest Colorado? Call 375-4550.