Blake Crouch is back with new book, Dark Matter

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Blake Crouch is back with new book, Dark Matter


Blake Crouch is back with new book, Dark Matter

Talking with Blake Crouch

Q: What “Aha” moment started you on this writer’s journey to create this story?

A: It was two years ago while I was in Chicago for a few days of brainstorming with a writer-friend, and I suddenly realized that three separate ideas that had been intriguing me actually fit together, almost like puzzle pieces, to form the structure of Dark Matter. When I realized that, I was off and writing.
Q: What were the three ideas?
A: 1. A guy lost in time. 2. The idea of a box that would make a copy of you. 3. What if there were thousands of you?

Q: How did you do your research?

A: I read a ton of articles in places like Scientific American, books about concepts in quantum mechanics and consulted with Clifford Johnson, a renowned physics professor at USC, who read my book when it was finished and gave me feedback on what I’d gotten right and wrong.
I could not have written Dark Matter without the work of many physicists, astronomers and cosmologists who have dedicated their lives to seeking fundamental truths about the nature of our existence. Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku, Rob Bryanton and Amanda Gefter were instrumental in helping me begin to understand all things quantum. In particular, Michio Kaku’s elegant analogy of a pond, carp and hyperspace informed my understanding of dimensionality, and became the basis of Jason’s explanation of the multiverse to Daniela.”

Q: What were the most challenging aspects to write?

A: The science was the hardest part. I had so much information, so many challenging concepts to incorporate, but I didn’t want them to drag down the narrative momentum.

Q: I understand there may be a movie deal in the making. How does that process involve you as the writer?

A: I’m writing the script for the movie! Too early to talk about that process, but hopefully there will be much to talk about in the near future. We shall see!
Leslie Doran

Dark Matter

By Blake Crouch, published by Crown Publishing Group. $26.99. Available at Maria’s Bookshop.

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