Schwartz makes 3rd Congressional contest competitive with Tipton, Kent


Schwartz makes 3rd Congressional contest competitive with Tipton, Kent

Scott Tipton

Age: 59

Residence: Cortez

Education: Fort Lewis College

Political Background: Incumbent representative for the 3rd Congressional District; former state representative

Occupation: Started Mesa Verde Indian Pottery in Cortez

Family: Wife, Jean; two daughters; granddaughter

Top Issue: Jobs and the economy

Rural Colorado: Holding the EPA accountable, reducing regulations

Abortion: Opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest and risk to the mother’s life

Immigration: Secure the borders

Health Care Reform: Increase competition to lower spiking premiums in rural Colorado

Marijuana: Protect Colorado’s right to legalization

Gun Control: Ardent supporter of Second Amendment

Gold King Mine Fallout: Hold EPA to water monitoring; pass Good Samaritan legislation

Iran: Opposes nuclear deal and payments

Education: Offer greater local control and fewer nationalized standards

Gail Schwartz

Age: 67

Residence: Crested Butte

Education: Bachelor of Science, University of Colorado, Business

POLITICAL BACKGROUND: Former state senator; appointed to Colorado Commission on Higher Education, 1995; elected to CU Board of Regents representing the 3rd Congressional District, 2000; vice chairwoman for last two years of six-year term

Occupation: Market analyst

Family: Husband, Alan Schwartz, three daughters, two grandchildren

Top Issue: Health care reform; public lands; immigration

RURAL COLORADO: Address stagnant economy; fix increasing health insurance costs; expand broadband development

Abortion: Defends a woman’s right to choose

Immigration: Supports a path to citizenship and reforming temporary work visa program

HEALTH CARE REFORM: Supports a public health insurance option

Marijuana: Supports recreational legalization and hemp expansion

Gun Control: Supports expanded background checks

Gold King Mine Fallout: Address abandoned mines; support EPA regulations; reform Mining Act of 1872, including assessing royalties and fees

Iran: Supports nuclear deal in the sense that diplomacy is better than military action

Education: Lower interest rates on loans; find ways to underwrite post-secondary education; says Common Core is too prescriptive; supports state standards

Gaylon Kent

Age: 50

Residence: Hayden

Education: High school diploma

Political Background: Libertarian candidate U.S. Senate in 2014; lost Libertarian primary in Congressional District 3 in 2012

Occupation: Supervises the front desk at a time share in Steamboat Springs; works a couple shifts a week at Wal-Mart

Family: Wife, Marian

Top Issue: Peace

RURAL COLORADO: Fix stagnant economy with low taxes and a free market

Abortion: Government should not prohibit, regulate or approve it

Immigration: Secure borders; no citizenship for undocumented immigrants

Health Care Reform: Doctors and health insurers should have access to the free market

MARIJUANA: Full legalization without taxation

Gun Control: Supports Second Amendment without qualification or restriction

Gold King Mine Fallout: Cannot “intelligently” talk about the issue

Iran: Leave other nations alone, including Iran

Education: The federal government must get out of education

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Schwartz makes 3rd Congressional contest competitive with Tipton, Kent

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