Late taxes in La Plata County go up 40% from 2008

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Late taxes in La Plata County go up 40% from 2008

Delinquencies provide look into recession
How it works

On Nov. 19, a tax lien sale will be held in the commissioners meeting room at the La Plata County Courthouse. The sale allows the county to collect the back taxes, interest and fees from investors who purchase the tax liens. When the property owners settle up, that money goes to the investor. If the owners fail to pay within three years, investors can file for the deed to the property.

The interest rate, set by the state banking commissioner, varies each year. This year’s liens will earn a 10 percent annual interest rate throughout their life.

The liens help keep the government and schools funded despite delinquencies. County Treasurer Ed Murray said usually about half of the listings published in The Durango Herald are paid before the sale and the other half will be sold. Rarely does a delinquency result in a deed actually being transferred, he said.

For more information, visit the county’s Web site at

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