Scientists in starting blocks

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Scientists in starting blocks

Some future engineers also strut their stuff at regional science fair
International Science Fair nominees


Tate Hinger, Pagosa Springs Middle School.

Lenka Doskocil, Bayfield Middle School.

Keelin Savage, Grace Preparatory Academy.


Easton LaChapelle, Mancos High School.

State Science Fair nominees

Nainoa Umbhau, Miller Middle School, “Fire Hazard: Material Combustibility Testing.”

Joe Pope, Saint Columba Catholic School, “Got Oil? The Study of Oil Absorption in Rocks.”

Shania Pribble and Taeylor Samora, Mancos Middle School, “Adaptive Snowboard.”

Jessalyn Bay-Voit, Mancos Middle, “BITES?”

Tate Hinger, Pagosa Springs Middle School“Cheater Cheater.”

Lenka Doskocil, Bayfield Middle, “The Water, The Waste and The Wasteland.”

Johnny Valdez, Ignacio Junior High, “Becoming a Real Gamer.”

Quinn Luthy, Miller Middle School, “Plague.”

Keena Murphy, Pagosa Springs Middle, “Taking the Suspense out of Bridges.”

Bridget Goddard, Bayfield Middle School, “Does Hydroponics, Aquaponics, or Planting Soil Affect Plant Growth?”

Hannah deKay and Raelen Barr, Silverton, “Cement Creek pH and Temperature.”

Dillon Flowers, Grace Preparatory Academy, “Deer, Deer, Go Away”

Rachael Moore, Grace Preparatory Academy, “The Effect of Color on Memory Retention”

Trevor Jordan, Grace Preparatory Academy, “How Wing Design Affects Lift.”

Easton LaChapelle, Mancos High School, “Fine Motor Skills Using Neural Activated Biomechanical Prosthesis.”

Rachel Rossi, Durango High School, “Endocrine Disrupter Remediation in Fresh Water: A Further Exploration of the Mycoremediation Capabilities of Funghi.”

Tucker Leavitt, Animas High School, “Liberating Energy from Water? Investigating Anomalous Water Arx Explosions.”

Keelin Savage, Grace Preparatory Academy, “Aiming True.”

Austin Moore and Paul Cross, Grace Preparatory Academy, “Rolling in Green.”

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