Monsoons could bring heavy rains this summer, new report says

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Monsoons could bring heavy rains this summer, new report says

Climate Prediction Center calls for above-average precipitation starting in July
La Plata County Stage 1 fire restrictions

Stage 1 fire restrictions prohibit open burning, burn barrels and agricultural burning on private property in the unincorporated private land areas of La Plata County.
The use of a campfire, coal or wood-burning stove, any type of charcoal grill or open fire in any undeveloped area is prohibited.
The fire restrictions do not include charcoal fires in suitable containers or gas grills for barbecues at private residences or fires within designated campground pits with protective grates; however, residents and visitors must not leave these fires unattended and must carefully and fully extinguish them after use.
The open flame prohibitions also include the following:
Smoking is limited to vehicles, buildings, developed recreational areas and 3-foot-wide areas cleared of vegetation.Fireworks are prohibited.Use of explosive material is prohibited.Use of any internal combustion engine is prohibited unless it is equipped with an approved and functioning spark-arresting device.Welding and cutting operations must be conducted with a 20-foot radius safe zone free of vegetation with a 2.5-gallon pressurized fire extinguisher or 5-pound ABC extinguisher or pressurized water supply and proper hand tools on-site with a fire-watch individual standing by continuously.Flaring for production wells may be allowed with approval from the designated fire chief.

Monsoons could bring heavy rains this summer, new report says

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