Rancher proposes water pipeline from Mo. to Colo.


Rancher proposes water pipeline from Mo. to Colo.

Would tap Mississippi River to alleviate state's increasing demands for water
Thinking big

Gary Hausler’s plan for a Missouri-to-Colorado pipeline isn’t the first idea for big water project.

•Columbia River diversion: The Bureau of Reclamation was interested in siphoning part of the Columbia from Washington state into California. Status: Blocked by a Washington senator in the 1960s.

•NAWAPA: The North American Water and Power Alliance was first imagined in the 1950s. The system of some of the world’s largest dams would have diverted Canadian water into the U.S. Southwest. Status: Interest waned by the 1980s.

•Flaming Gorge pipeline: Colorado businessman Aaron Million proposed a 400-mile pipeline from Wyoming’s Flaming Gorge Reservoir to the Front Range. Status: In the planning stages.

•Three Gorges Dam: The dam on China’s Yangtze River, creating a 410-mile-long reservoir. More than 1 million people had to be moved. Status: Completed in 2008.

– Sources: Cadillac Desert, by Marc Reisner; China Three Gorges Project; Herald research

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