In La Plata County treasurer’s race, candidates spar over how office is run

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In La Plata County treasurer’s race, candidates spar over how office is run

Incumbent Allison Aichele challenged by local banker Colton Black

In La Plata County treasurer’s race, candidates spar over how office is run

Reader-submitted questions

Question for Allison Aichele“If people do not trust you now, due to these missteps, how can you earn our trust back?”
Aichele said to earn trust, “you have to demonstrate you’re wiling to admit your mistakes” and correct them quickly.
“When people build trust, it’s usually how did they recover, how did they fix their mistake?” she said. “Not that they made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes.”
Question for Colton Black“You indicated at the League of Women Voter’s forum that you would use the Treasurer’s Office to be a better steward of county monies. Since the treasurer’s job is not to make budgetary decisions (that is the Board of County Commissioners’ job), what did you mean by this statement?”
Black said cutting additional audit costs as a result of issues in the Treasurer’s Office and bringing the estimated $55,000 used to pay an outside investment firm are a couple of concrete examples of better using taxpayer dollars.
“When you have a declining revenue, you need to be as cost-conscious as possible,” he said.
Black also said funds that are used for investment could be better invested and, therefore, bring in more revenue to the county.
“I believe we can do a better job of structuring those investments so we do increase returns,” he said. “You should do everything in your power to get most out of that money, because the more you can squeeze out of that money, the less money we have to ask for from taxpayers.”

By the numbers

As of July 27, the most recent reporting period:
Incumbent Allison Aichele has raised about $26,475. Most of that total, however, is related to Aichele fixing missed campaign contributions that she donated with her own money to her 2014 campaign. She has spent about $1,684 on this election and has a balance of about $466.Challenger Colton Black has raised about $6,725, all from private donors. He has spent about $5,190 and has a balance of about $1,533.

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