The timely turn of phrase catches my ear


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The timely turn of phrase catches my ear

Over the last decade or so, one of the reasons I turned to watching golf on the television was to follow the golfer formerly known as Tiger.

Today, the curiosity remains, but the focus is on others who are beginning to dominate the landscape.

Right at this moment, I can hear you say, ‘Oh, Dave is talking about the up-and-comers such as Bubba or Rory.’ This may be true, but not this time, as a timely turn of phrase has captured this author’s attention week in and week out on the televised tour.

For nearly two decades I covered the annual Navajo Trail Open by radio as listeners told me they would cozy their earpiece up to their portable to hear what was coming out of my mouth next.

Granted, it was not as colorfully descriptive as this week’s topic, but it was somewhat entertaining as I had to one-up each strained whisper as not to disturb the professional within earshot of my microphone.

Fast-forward to the 21st century and settle back to hear the next description from fairway commentator David Flaherty of CBS. You have to listen carefully to his masterful turn of phrase, which captures the moment as good as the stroke of a diamond cutter.

The latest gem was his description of a traveling putt during last week’s Wells Fargo event. He said the path to the hole had more movement than “a box full of frogs.”

I nearly fell out of my reclined position.

It very well could be the new faces that are beginning to dominate the tour; however, it is the description behind those new faces that cements our memories the best.

Now that we are in direct contact with our area golf courses, it is time to hone those skills – or lack there of – with the aid of our local PGA professional; they’re called Adult Clinics.

Hillcrest Golf Club has a series of “focus” clinics to work on your game. For the next four weeksfrom 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Thursdays, one aspect of the game will be addressed, beginning with this week’s lesson on putting.

May 17 is thefull swing.

May 24 is bunker play.

May 31 is drivers.

Each session is $20 per person, and you can signup by calling the pro shop at 247-1499.

The United Country Timberview Realty Two-Person Scramble, Saturday and Sunday, at Hillcrest:

First Flight:

1. Justin and Gavin Lyons, low gross, 123.

2. Kermitt Barrett and Bill Burns, 127.

T1. Sean Griswold and Michael Hannigan, low net, 122.

T1. Michael Thomas and Andrew Crowell, 122.

Second Flight:

1. Dean DesPalmes and Aaron O’Connor, low gross, 131.

2. Vito Mortalo and Wade Whittington, 139.

1. Brian Smith and Steve Boardman, low net, 127

2. Bret Jameson and Paul Wilson, 129.

Third Flight:

1. Bob Herkenhoff and Jim Howell, low gross, 142.

2. Michael Amato and Jerry Thomas, 147.

1. Gary Meredith and Steve Woolverton, low net, 128.

2. Steven Biery and Bill Wilkinson, 131.

Fourth Flight:

1. Mike Goen and Pat Otero, low gross, 150.

2. Scot McDonald and Decker Hahn, 154.

1. Laurel Waters and Gary Wimsatt, low net, 130.

T2. David and J.B. Gore, 135.

T2. Cindy and Ron Cuthbert, 135.

Dave Bray has been covering the local golf scene for 31 years. He can be reached at

The timely turn of phrase catches my ear

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