Crash during a practice ride?


Crash during a practice ride?

Mercy Regional Medical Center has an ER app for that

Cyclists take heed: If you crash, Mercy Regional Medical Center has made its emergency room wait time available through smartphones and the hospital website.

The app is a free download.

Anyone in danger of losing life or limb will be seen immediately.

But people who use the ER for routine service now can check to learn long they’ll wait to see a doctor.

The average wait time for nonemergency patients at Mercy is 17 minutes.

“It’s one thing to know what our average wait time was last year,” Paul Gibson, director of emergency services at Mercy, said in a statement. “It’s another to be able to see what they are at the moment you actually need care.

“We recognize how critical it is to provide our patients with resources and technology to make informed decisions,” he said.

Wait time is defined as the lapse between when a patient is registered and when the patient’s information is entered into the medical record.

The ER wait time is one of numerous bits of information available through iTriage.

The app contains data about location of hospitals and clinics, directions for how to get there, names of doctors and their specialties, how to obtain information for treatment of a specific condition and what conditions are treated.

Mercy partnered with iTriage about a month ago, hospital spokesman David Bruzzese said Friday.

In the Denver area, some of Mercy’s Centura Health System sister hospitals display the same medical information on billboards, Bruzzese said.

Centura has 13 hospitals statewide.

Founded in 2008 by two emergency room physicians in Denver, iTriage went live in 2009.

“There have been 7 million downloads,” Suzy Buglewicz, public relations manager for the firm, said Friday. “The app has information on all medical facilities in the country.”

The app is available on iPhone and Android mobile device.

Get the app

The wait time at Mercy Regional Medical Center for non-emergency patients is available by downloading iTriage at or through the app stores on Apple and Android smartphones.
The information also is on the Mercy website

Crash during a practice ride?

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