Lyons doesn’t fall Fladt; two win championships


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Lyons doesn’t fall Fladt; two win championships

Championship weekend is in the books for the 2012 Hillcrest Golf Club men’s and women’s club titles, and Gavin Lyons and Aimee Fladt will wear those crowns for the next 365 days.

So, without further ado:

Men’s Club Championship

Championship A Flight

1. Lyons, low gross, 142.

2. Ross McDermott, 144.

3. Bryan Schlichter, 152.

4. Morgan Miller, 158.

1. Kermitt Barrett, low net, 142.

2. Bob Barnhardt, 143.

T3. Sean Griswold, 150.

T3. Justin Lyons, 150.

Championship B Flight

1. Andrew Crowell, low gross, 156.

2. Mick McDermott, 158.

3. Mike Balster, 163.

T4. Chris Forrest, 166.

T4. Micky Walsh, 166.

1. Bill Burns, low net, 142.

T2. Bret Jamison, 146.

T2. Mark Miller, 146.

4. David Pierce, 147.

First Flight

T1. Mike Graves, low gross, 169.

T1. Paul Wilson, 169.

T3. Bill Malopolski, 178.

T3. Mike Wallace, 178.

1. Jim Howell, low net, 139.

2. Ray Sigwart, 150.

3. Tom White, 153.

4. Russ Monell, 156.

Second Flight

1. Art Gallegos, low gross, 165.

2. Steve Woolverton, 177.

3. Jerry Thomas, 184.

4. Vince Mirabel, 185.

1. Geoff Bousum, low net, 137.

T2. David Gore, 146.

T2. Pat Horvat, 146.

4. Richard Taylor, 152.

Third Flight

T1. Tom Breed, 184.

T1. Jim Whatcott, 184.

3. Jo Warfield, 186.

4. Verne Moe, 191.

1. Chuck Carmen, low net, 140.

2. Kevin Devine, 143.

3. George Sheridan, 148.

4. Don Hendricks, 151.

Women’s Club Championship

Championship Flight

1. Fladt, low gross, 167.

2. Ariel Moody, 178.

3. Jessica Thulson, 189.

1. Mary Kay Aigner, low net, 139.

2. Debi Marti, 143.

3. Macky Headrick, 149.


Congratulations to the Hillcrest Women’s Golf Association team; they captured the season-long Four Corners team play over seven other area golf course teams for 2012. Hillcrest’s team members were Aimee Fladt, Laurie Simmons, Jessica Thulson, Ariel Moody, Mary Kay Aigner, Daphne D’Agostino, Ann Emigh, Nancy Barr, Michele Peterson, Pam Leisle, Debi Marti and Macky Headrick.

As I wrap up the final seasonal edition of the Porch, we still need to promo the Blimpie-America’s Sub Shop 3 Clubs and a Putter tournament at Hillcrest on Saturday and the Todd Sieger Shootout on Sunday. The latter will bring together the top-20 money winners from this year’s designated Hillcrest tournament events.

Dalton Ranch Golf Club will host its Men’s Senior Club Championship on Saturday and Sunday and will wrap up the 2012 season with The Mailman tournament Oct. 27.

Dave Bray has been covering the local golf scene for 31 years. He can be reached at

Lyons doesn’t fall Fladt; two win championships

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