Four days in Colorado


Four days in Colorado

Election could come down to a few pivotal moments
Turn in mail-in ballots today, and take your IDs to polling locations

Voters who requested a mail-in ballot and have not sent them in must drop them off at one of the following locations:

Any polling location

La Plata County Courthouse, 1060 East Second Ave.

La Plata County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, 98 Everett St. Suite C.

The motor vehicle branch inside Bayfield Town Hall, 1199 Bayfield Parkway.

Ballots mailed today will not arrive in time to be counted.

Voters who received a mail ballot should not go to a polling place to request a new ballot, said Tiffany Lee Parker, La Plata County clerk and recorder. If voters do need a new ballot, they can visit the clerk and recorders office from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to request a new ballot.

Also, voters will need to produce one of the following to cast a ballot in-person:

Colorado driver’s license.

U.S. passport.

Department of Revenue ID card.

City, county, state or federal employee ID card (with photo).

U.S. military ID card (with photo).

Veterans Affairs ID card (with photo).

Student ID card from a Colorado college or university (with photo).

Pilot license.

Medicare or Medicaid card.

Native American Tribal ID.

Current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck or government document showing name and address.

Certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate.

Certified naturalization document.

Source: Colorado Secretary of State

Four days in Colorado

Ella Greer, election judge for Precinct 22 at Faith Church, carries voting equipment Monday from the La Plata County clerk and recorder’s office ahead of Election Day with the help of her son, George Greer, 12 and Kieran Howkins, 15.
President Barack Obama campaigns at City Park in Denver on Oct. 4, the day after the first presidential debate.
Mitt Romney campaigns in Denver on Oct. 1, shortly after arriving in Colorado for the first presidential debate two days later.
Donna Arriza, right, La Plata County election administrator, goes over details ahead of Election Day with election judges from Precinct 15 at Vallecito Church. Becky Hitchcock, left, and Juli Bitzegaio, center, were picking up voting equipment from the La Plata County clerk and recorder’s office.
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