Dylan Redwine's remains found

Dylan Redwine's remains found

Teen went missing from dad's home in November
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A grieving Jim Schank, owner of the Schank House and Buffalo Gap, takes down Dylan Redwine's name from the sign in front of the Vallecito Reservoir store on Thursday.
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Dylan Redwine’s remains were located several miles up Middle Mountain Road near Vallecito Reservoir.
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Dylan Redwine
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Ep 130629581
Searchers comb a hillside along Middle Mountain Road during a search earlier this week for clues in the Dylan Redwine case.
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Elaine Redwine fights back tears with her son Cory Redwine, 21, as she talks about her son Dylan Redwine in November 2012.
Mark Redwine, center left, discusses the area he and the volunteers in his group will be covering on County Road 240 near Edgemont Ranch in December 2012.
In November 2012, members of the New Mexico State Police Dive team conduct sonar scanning of the bottom of Vallecito Reservoir during the search for 13-year-old Dylan Redwine, who went missing from his father’s home north of the reservoir Nov. 19.
In November 2012, Elaine Redwine shares a tender moment with her significant other Mike Hall on the dam at Vallecito Reservoir during the eighth day of the search for her son, 13-year-old Dylan Redwine. A dive team from New Mexico State Patrol spent the day scanning the bottom of the reservoir with sonar.
Investigators search a travel trailer next to Mark Redwine’s house in Vallecito in November 2012.
In November 2012, a pick up truck owneed by Mark Redwine is towed to an undisclosed location Thursday afternoon as investigators exercised a search warrant on property in the continued search for Dylan Redwine.

Investigators search a travel trailer next to Mark Redwine’s house in Vallecito in November 2012.
Ryan Nava, 13, hands a flyer of Dylan Redwine, 13, to a County Road 502 resident, with friends Fernando Stubbs, 14, center, and Lesley Herring, 15, behind him on Saturday as they went door to door handing out flyers of the missing boy.

In November 2012, investigators gather next to a Colorado Bureau of Investigation truck parked in front of Mark Redwine's house in Vallecito during the extensive search of his property Thursday in the continued investigation for missing13 year old Dylan Redwine.
In November 2012, Elaine Redwine fights back tears as she talks about her son Dylan Redwine.
In November 2012, Roy Vreeland has his search dog Cayenne sniff a fishing pole that was found on the dam at Vallecito Reservoir to see if any scent belonging to Dylan Redwine is on it late Sunday afternoon. Nothing was found and search will continue on Monday morning.
In November 2012, Ryan Nava, 13, tapes a up a flyer of Dylan Redwine, 13, a missing boy, behind a mailbox with friends Fernando Stubbs, 14, center, and Lesley Herring, 15, on Saturday as they went door to door handing out flyers to residents on County Road 502.
In December 2012, Mark Redwine, center left, discusses the area he and the volunteers in his group will be covering on Saturday morning on County Road 240 near Edgemont Ranch.
In December 2012, Connie Allen of Vallecito was out on County Road 240 near Edgemont Ranch with other volunteers searching for any sign of Dylan Redwine. "I just hope there will be something found that will help locate him or give the family some help." Helping out with the effort at right is Darren White of Bayfield.
In December 2012, hundreds turned out for the search of Dylan Redwine on County Road 240 near Edgemont Ranch. Butch Knowlton, the director of the La Plata County Office of Emergency Management, gave instructions to the volunteers.
In December 2012, Denise Hess, a family friend of the Redwines’ folds her hands on top of a donation jar for the search for Dylan Redwine from within her Plaza Video shop in Bayfield. The 13-year-old has been missing since Nov. 19.
In December 2012, Mark Redwine spoke about Dylan Redwine from his front door. "All we want for Christmas is Dylan home."
In December 2012, 6-year-old Megan Stumpf attaches a missing sticker to her shirt as she waits in line for dinner at Pine Valley Church in Bayfield during a benefit dinner and silent auction to support the efforts to find Dylan Redwine. Megan’s brother Colton Stumpf was in the same grade as Dylan when he attended school in Bayfield.
In December 2012, organizer Denise Hess of Bayfield said she hoped to turn out a thousand ribbons in support of the search for Dylan Redwine. Jessica George, 12, left, daughter of James and Tricia George, and Carolyn Cook, 13, daughter of Jarrett and Anne Cook, help with the effort at Hess’ store, Plaza Video. The two said they are friends of Dylan.
In December 2012, Amy Sienkowski, counselor at Lewis-Palmer Middle School in Monument, pauses as she reflects on 13-year-old Dylan Redwine before his disappearance Nov. 19 from his father’s home in Vallecito. Sienkowski helped organize a “Blue Ribbon” campaign to raise money to help Dylan’s family. The ribbons are being sold for $1 each, however, Sienkowski reported some students donated $20 for a single ribbon.
In December 2012, Kaitlynn Boldt, 20, Dylan Redwines cousin, wipes tears from her eyes as she recounts the last time she saw Dylan. In front of Boldt are photographs she made of Dylan during the summer. Dylan Redwine, 13, has been missing since Nov. 19 from his father’s home in Vallecito.
In December 2012, Dylan Redwine’s brother Cory Redwine, 21, talks about his brother who has been missing since Nov. 19.
In January 2013, Elaine Redwine, mother of Dylan Redwine, gives an interview while flanked by relatives and friends during a rally for Dylan across the street from the home of Dylan’s father, Mark Redwine.
Relatives, friends and supporters, joined Dylan Redwine’s mother, Elaine Redwine, and older brother, Cory Redwine, for a rally in front of the house of Mark Redwine in January 2013,
In January 2013, Kathi Barry of Evergreen came to Vallecito to join family and friends of Dylan Redwine in a rally outside the home of Mark Redwine, Dylan’s father. “This is the last place he was seen and that’s why we’re here.”
Connie Allen of Vallecito was out on County Road 240 near Edgemont Ranch with other volunteers searching for any sign of Dylan Redwine in December 2012. “I just hope there will be something found that will help locate him or give the family some help, said Allen.” Helping with the effort at right is Darren White of Bayfield.
Cory Redwine, 21-year-old brother of Dylan Redwine, speaks at a vigil for his brother at Eagle Park in Bayfield in November 2012.
About a hundred people attend a vigil for Dylan Redwine at Eagle Park in Bayfield in November 2012.
Mark Redwine, father of Dylan Redwine, speaks at a vigil for his son at Eagle Park in Bayfield in November 2012.
In this undated photograph, Dylan Redwine, 13, in his baseball uniform.
In November 2012, Jade Pascale, left, daughter of Casey and Corinne Pascale, and Kylee McCory, daughter of Andy and Pam McCory, both seventh-graders at Bayfield Middle School and classmates of Dylan Redwine, take part in a vigil that drew about a hundred people to Eagle Park in Bayfield.
In November 2012, about a hundred people attended a vigil for Dylan Redwine at Eagle Park in Bayfield.
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