Durango will say goodbye to the Arc of History


Durango will say goodbye to the Arc of History

Artist estimated $38,000 to repair vandalized work

Arc of History Decommissioned

Arc of History timeline

July 2014: Arc of History installed.
October 2014: dinosaur head appears on sculpture.
November 2014: teen bandits pilfer dinosaur head and then turn it over to police, and it is claimed by artist Benjamin Foisel. Resident Karen Zink bids $5,000 on dino head in auction, money is donated to Durango Arts Center.
February 2015: Chinese dragon head appears on sculpture, which is removed by police.
March 2015: replica ‘arcs’ appear alongside sculpture.
April 2015: egg nest appears beneath Arc.
May 2015: baby dinos appear to have hatched.
July 2015: sculpture substantially damaged by vandals.
August 2015: Durango Public Art Commission agrees to restore Arc.
March 2016: Easter eggs and bunnies appear under sculpture.
July 26: Durango Public Art Commission votes to remove Arc.

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