Police reveal no new leads


Police reveal no new leads

Lack of answers disquiets mountain community

Two weeks after 13-year-old Dylan Redwine went missing in Vallecito, law-enforcement officials said they have few clues as to his disappearance or possible whereabouts.

The search has moved from the wilderness surrounding Vallecito to indoors where investigators can evaluate evidence and follow up on tips and possible sightings, said Lt. Ray Shupe, spokesman for a task force made up of multiple agencies assigned to the case.

“We have no new leads or new information to report to the public at this time,” Shupe said in a news release Monday afternoon.

Possible sightings of Dylan have streamed in from across the country, he said, but there have been no confirmed sightings since he went missing Nov. 19. The FBI has been helpful at prodding agencies in other jurisdictions to follow up on possible leads, Shupe said.

Meanwhile, Dylan’s disappearance continues to weigh on Vallecito residents.

“It’s still on everyone’s mind that happens to come into here,” said Rolland Healy, owner of Vallecito Lake Country Market. “There are obviously still some people who are really optimistic, and, unfortunately, some people who are pessimistic about it.”

Residents have freely discussed the many possibilities that could explain Dylan’s disappearance, everything from foul play to Dylan running away and succumbing to the elements in the rugged outdoors that surround this remote vacation getaway 20 miles northeast of Durango.

“This is a wilderness area,” Healy said. “Even an animal in the forest could be involved, because we have a lot of those up here.”

The thought of foul play “is very foreign to us,” said Donna Atkinson, owner of the Pine River Lodge.

“It is definitely not fading away,” she said. “Everyone here at the lake is very worried about this little boy. We want Dylan to be found safe and sound as soon as possible.”

Authorities executed a search warrant last week at the house of Mark Redwine, the father of Dylan, but the father is not considered a suspect, said Capt. Jim Ezzell, chief investigator with the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office.

When contacted Monday, Mark Redwine declined to be interviewed, saying, “At this point, I think I’ve said as much as I need to say.”

He added: “The community’s been great. My problem is my ex-wife. She seems to have all the answers, and she seems to be the one everybody wants to listen to.”

Mark Redwine and Elaine Redwine divorced in 2007. Dylan and his mother moved to Colorado Springs this summer, along with Dylan’s brother, Cory.

They have had a protracted divorce with court proceedings occurring in almost monthly since 2005.

Mark Redwine had a run-in with the law nine years ago, and both he and Elaine Redwine filed restraining orders against each other in 2008.

Mark Redwine was ticketed for child abuse, menacing, trespass, assault and disorderly conduct in 2003 in Adams County. All of the charges were dropped except disorderly conduct, which Mark Redwine pleaded guilty to.

The incident involved an argument between Mark Redwine and his neighbor after the neighbor’s kid broke either Cory or Dylan’s toy truck. The two argued on the neighbor’s property until Mark Redwine left the residence and the neighbor called the police.

Mark Redwine filed a restraining order against his son, Cory, and Elaine Redwine in July 2008. Elaine Redwine filed a restraining order against her ex-husband on the same date. Dylan was listed as a protected person in both orders. Both of the orders were dismissed in December 2008.

Elaine Redwine told Nancy Grace on her CNN-affiliated Headline News legal affairs program Monday night that both she and Mark Redwine had taken polygraph tests. She said she had passed.

Both parties took a polygraph early on in the investigation, Shupe said, but authorities cannot release results.

Dylan returned Nov. 18 to visit his father as part of a court order. Upon landing at the Durango-La Plata County Airport, he texted his mother to notify her of his arrival. The text ended with an emoticon that was interpreted as a scowl, she said.

Ezzell declined to discuss the family dynamics and whether Dylan was disappointed he had to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with his father.

Mark Redwine said he left the house about 7:30 a.m. Nov. 19 to run errands, and that was the last time he saw his son. He returned about 11:30 a.m. to find Dylan gone. In an interview with The Denver Post, Mark Redwine said he returned to find a dirty cereal bowl near the sink, the television was on Nickelodeon, and his son’s fishing pole was missing.

Ezzell declined to comment about the statements.

“It’s a tough case, but we’re doing everything we can,” he said. “We just ask the community to help us out if anyone out there has information that they think might be related. Don’t discount it. Just send the information our way, and we’ll check it out.”

Robert Nickell, who lived next door to the Redwines for about seven years, said they were “average” neighbors.

“We didn’t get to know them too well,” he said. “I wasn’t around them that much. I didn’t associate with them that much. They had their circle of friends and I have mine. I go to church on Sunday, and they go somewhere else.”

Nickell, who is now 88, said he was shoveling snow from in front of his mailbox, and Elaine Redwine came over to help him.

“I thought that was mighty nice of her,” he said.


Tip line for information about Dylan Redwine

A tip line has been set up with the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office to collect information about Dylan Redwine, who has been missing since Nov. 19. The line is not answered but collects messages and is checked periodically.

Call 382-7511.

Tips can be left anonymously, but if the caller wants a reply, a callback number is needed.

Also, investigators would like to talk to anyone who was taking photos or shooting videos that show vehicles along the typical routes between Vallecito and Durango from 6 p.m. Nov. 18 to noon Nov. 19. That would include County Road 501 and East Animas Road (County Road 240).

Anyone who can supply a copy of his or her photos or videos is asked to call La Plata County dispatch center at 385-2900.

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Police reveal no new leads

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