Adams: Perfect; ‘daniel’ leads Green and Gold


Adams: Perfect; ‘daniel’ leads Green and Gold

Before the National Football League’s penultimate week of regular-season football, Evans Adams’ best Gridiron Green finish was a pair of 10s in Weeks 14 and 15.

Adams was perfect in Week 16 – 16-for-16.

Ralph Stasio of Greenfield, Wis., batted 1.000, too.

Yet for all of Adams’ perfection, the local Gridiron Greenie ranks last among our weekly winners in total points with 107. Ann Laws, our “packerfan” and Week 2 winner, ranks first in that group with 162 points.

Overall, “daniel” overtook “edonelan” and “tholeman” to lead the Gridiron Green standings 166-165 with one week to play; “daniel” leads “tholeman” by the same score in the Gridiron Gold standings.

The Gridiron Guru was 13-3 in Week 16 to run this year’s overall mark to 151.5-87.5.

Sunday, Dec. 30

Jacksonville at Tennessee, 11 a.m. – the Jaguars wrap a Tebow on their 2012 season with a costly road win (see: Chiefs). Pick: Jaguars, 17-13. Line: Titans by 5.

Carolina at New Orleans, 11 a.m. – the most entertaining game on the slate that means absolutely nothing. Pick: Saints, 40-27. Line: Saints by 4.

N.Y. Jets at Buffalo, 11 a.m. – feel the Fitzmagic. Pick: Bills, 24-16. Line: Bills by 3.

Baltimore at Cincinnati, 11 a.m. – both teams are dancing with fixed schedules. Pick: Bengals, 20-19. Line: Bengals by 3.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 11 a.m. – will the Steelers bow out of the tournament with pride? Pick: Steelers, 17-13. Line: None.

Houston at Indianapolis, 11 a.m. – they won for Bruce; they’ll be Chuckstrong, too. Pick: Colts, 27-24. Line: Texans by 6.

Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants, 11 a.m. – with the playoffs on the line, I gotta think the defending Super Bowl champs will show up after their two-week vacation. Pick: Giants, 24-13. Line: Giants by 9.

Chicago at Detroit, 11 a.m. – well, at least Stafford to Johnson works. Pick: Bears, 27-17. Line: Bears by 3.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta, 11 a.m. – the Buccaneers’ ship is flying half-mast. Pick: Falcons, 27-23. Line: None.

Oakland at San Diego, 2:25 p.m. – will one more win stay the Chargers’ Smith-Turner era? Pick: Chargers, 30-10. Line: None.

Arizona at San Francisco, 2:25 p.m. – don’t worry, the 49ers are fine. Pick: 49ers, 30-9. Line: 49ers by 15.

St. Louis at Seattle, 2:25 p.m. – just imagine, if the Rams win, they’re undefeated in the NFC West but without a playoff spot. Too bad the Seahawks made a deal with the devil. Pick: Seahawks, 31-20. Line: Seahawks by 10.

Kansas City at Denver, 2:25 p.m. (KRSJ 100.5 FM) – for Denver, 11 in a row; for Kansas City, the No. 1 draft pick. Pick: Broncos, 37-6. Line: Broncos by 16.

Green Bay at Minnesota, 2:25 p.m. – the Vikings’ – and Adrian Peterson’s – good run comes to an end. Pick: Packers, 24-23. Line: Packers by 3.

Miami at New England, 2:25 p.m. – don’t worry, the Patriots are fine. Pick: Patriots, 30-17. Line: Patriots by 11.

Dallas at Washington, 6:20 p.m. (KOBF, KUSA) – and the Redskins are partying like its 1999. Pick: Redskins, 29-27. Line: Redskins by 3.

Adams: Perfect; ‘daniel’ leads Green and Gold

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