Even a nerd loves a parade


Even a nerd loves a parade

Geeks, dweebs and Trekkies gather for Snowdown highlight

A parade for nerds seems like a stretch of the imagination even for a geek fest like Snowdown 2013.

Aren't nerds supposed to be too cerebral to appreciate politicians waving from a platform or catching a piece of hard candy thrown from a float? Aren't socially awkward nerds more at home in front of a computer than mingling on a crowded sidewalk?

Friday proved that even a nerd can love a parade.

The Snowdown Light Parade is traditionally Durango's only nighttime parade. People took to this year's theme of “Get Your Geek On.”

The theme from the “Revenge of the Nerds” movie had people dancing in the street.

Parade-goers were fully decked out in the nerd-wear of taped-up glasses, high water pants and suspenders that pulled their waist line above the belly button. Others dressed up in the costumes of Darth Vader, Supergirl and the regulation Starfleet uniforms of “Star Trek.”

Matt Socci from the Fort Lewis College drama club wore his “Star Wars” Boba Fett rocket backpack, which is actually functional for carrying books, too.

“I love to dress up,” Socci said.

The Marines marching in the Snowdown Light Parade looked conspicuously normal compared to characters on the sidewalk like Richard Speegle, who wore a bow tie on a plaid shirt, suspenders and horned-rimmed glasses with a piece of tape in the middle.

But his costume was not as complete as he might have wished.

“Do you know there are cosmetic braces now? Kids in South Korea wear them (on their teeth) for the look,” Speegle said. “I looked online for them, but could not find them.”

His 9-year-old son, Roman, came dressed in the astronaut suit he got at Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala., last summer.

The staff of First National Bank posed as mad scientists in white lab coats. The bank ordered 50 propeller hats to wear for the nerd fest.

“We're all pretty geeked out,” said Melissa Zureich, the bank's chief credit counselor.

The bank's float was a rocket with a pointy tip so it would look like a rocket and nothing else.

She was once skeptical of the geek theme. “I was like, 'Really?' But people really got their creative on.”

The bank is doing well this Snowdown since First National President Mark Daigle won the beard-growing contest.

Zureich is looking forward to next year's theme of “Safari So Good ...” because the bank has a wall of mounted animal heads.

“We've got the animals,” she said.


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Even a nerd loves a parade

Al LiBrande helped get the party started ahead of the 2013 Snowdown Light Parade on Friday evening on Main Avenue.
Kandice Favorite, left, and Louisa Singleton, 16, jam with the Hill Stompers of Los Alamos, N.M., during the 2013 Snowdown Light Parade on Friday evening on Main Avenue. Louisa is the daughter of Claire Singleton.
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