SEC: March to Marginal Madness

SEC: March to Marginal Madness

They’ll have to fight for their right to party in the NCAA dance
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SEC: March to Marginal Madness

Casey Prather and Florida are the only SEC-ranked team in the AP Top 25 and the only apparent lock from the struggling conference to receive a bid in the NCAA Tournament. Even so, the Gators lost this week to Laurence Bowers, Jabari Brown and Missouri, which could stake a claim to the dance as well.
Archie Goodwin and a disappointing Kentucky have a chance to sneak in the back door of the NCAA Tournament, but if the inconsistent Wildcats “want to make the tournament we have to win all the games or maybe just lose one more,” UK guard Jarrod Polson said. They’re off to a good start – a 90-83 overtime victory over Missouri on Saturday.
Trevor Releford and Alabama have flashed glimmers of hope this season, but it’s unlikely the Crimson Tide have shown enough to reach the NCAA Tournament. They represent just another marginal team inside this year’s struggling Southeastern Conference.

Southeastern Conference

Saturday, Feb. 23

LSU 97, Alabama 94

Vanderbilt 72, Mississippi State 31

Georgia 62, South Carolina 54

Tennessee 93, Texas A&M 85

Ole Miss 88, Auburn 55

Florida 71, Arkansas

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