‘What if?’


‘What if?’

Durango a sedate, small town – but so was Newtown
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Sunday: Vulnerability of area schools assessed. School violence is about more than shootings. A Columbine High School survivor recounts the event and discusses safety at Durango High School, where he works.

Today: Students and parents feel safe at local schools. Students rehearse drills in the event of a school shooting. Debate persists about arming teachers.

Tuesday: Area law enforcement train for shootings. From cameras to metal detectors – how far are we willing to go to protect students? Mental wellness may be the best defense against school violence.

‘What if?’

Durango Police Department’s Sgt. Dave Peterson discovers an unlocked exterior door at Needham Elementary School during a lockdown drill.
Vanessa Fisher, Principal at Sunnyside Elementary School is seen outside the school’s front entrance on a video system in place at the school’s entryway for security.
Durango High School student Tatiana Hovland says it unlikely violence will occur at the school. However, she adds, “but I guess that’s what everybody thinks.”
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