Get the golf juices flowing with the annual Choker


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Get the golf juices flowing with the annual Choker

Before I dive into the results of two major tournaments from last week, I must bring to the forefront a popular tournament mainstay called The Choker, which will be played on Saturday at the Dalton Ranch Golf Club.

This event gets the creative juices flowing the evening prior to the event, as the Calcutta will be held Friday night at 6:30 on the patio at the Dalton Ranch Golf Clubhouse.

With all the teams set for Saturday’s play, which team will emerge out of the Calcutta as the odds-on favorite?

No pressure there.

I will have results of this annual tournament for you next week.

Last week, the 2013 Columbine Classic Duet was contested during two days on two separate courses in the county – The Glacier Club and Dalton Ranch Golf Club. The combined scores of each ladies foursome were tabulated, and the outcome is as follows:

Columbine Classic Duet

First Flight

1. Brooke Raney, Erika Estes, Jo Garrison and Kyra Garrison, 177-7.

2. Barb Staley, Cindy Bryniarski, Linda Akins and Sandie Gates, 190-1.

3. Aimee Fladt, Laurie Simmons, Patty Crigler and Pam Leisle, 196-4.

Second Flight

1. Carole Zito, Christine Manninen, Cindy Kring and Nancy Bennett, 203-4.

2. Jan Smith, Kristi Gibbs, Laurel Waters and Nancy Barr, 206-3.

3. Janet Monell, Mary Kay Aigner, Shirley Crom and Trudy O’Brien, 210-5.

Third Flight

1. Deb Cutler, Melissa Sharpe, Patti Vanlandingham and Rosalia Beyhan, 204-7.

2. Diane Curtis, Gail Aaland, Gina Piccoli and Sandy Elliott, 207-5.

3. Judy Berkholz, Linda Allenbaugh, Maxine Headrick and Rita Davis, 210-8.

Fourth Flight

1. Cathy Gaskell, IIona Cofman, Linda Lee and Pawna Blackhorse, 208-7.

2. Pat Turner, Pat Perry, Peggy Puckett and Robin Voiles, 210-6.

3. Debbie Wright, Jeanne Busson, Marlene Gebhart and Sandy Kolb, 215-8.

Remember these names, as you will see many of these ladies in the winner’s circle on July 16 in the Chili Pepper Challenge.

The Walmart of Durango Yellow Ball Challenge

June 22 at Hillcrest Golf Club:

First Flight

1. Dean DesPalmes, Aaron O’Conner, Bill Malopolski and Brian Dommer, 127.

T2. Morgan Miller, Mark Miller, Mason Miller and Kim Miller, 131

T2. Greg Walsh, Steve Pease, Laurel Waters and Sue Pierce, 131.

4. Mike Voita, Dermie Brickford, Bill Garrison and Paul Montoya, 133.

Second Flight

1. Jim Rodefer, John Ball, Bob Herkenhoff and Jim Howell, 133.

2. Ariel Moody, Russ Monell, Mary Kay Aigner and Bob Andrews, 137.

3. Ray Lyon, Wilbert John, Jay Lyons and Pawna Blackhorse, 138.

4. Dick Sufficool, Ron Pond, Bob Cheney and Bud Davis, 139.

Dave Bray has been covering the local golf scene for 32 years. He can be reached at dbray371

Get the golf juices flowing with the annual Choker

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