Being an American means ...


Being an American means ...

Pride prevails, even during politically divisive times
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Being an American means ...

Cliff Vancura/Durango Herald illustration
Clark Cunningham

“Freedom is not a commodity, and it is given to you only because someone has paid for it.”
Emily Ronco, 23

“The first word that comes to my mind when I think about being an American is ‘opportunity’.”
James Muller "I was born into a system where I was indoctrinated to believe a system of lies."
Kelsey Verrill, 21
"It's simple for people in America to bless other people and people groups with who we are and the country we live in."
Kendra Woodson, 23

“I think it’s awesome that we get to choose a religion, and we get a great education.”
Sarah Waller, 15
"Being an American to me means we have really had to fight for this country."
Scott Trinkle, 19

"To be an American has a certain responsibility to it because of all that we are blessed with."
Walter Krawczuk

"It (the Fourth of July) symbolizes the awesome opportunities we have here."
Emile Guilbeau, 15

“If I speak out against the president I’m not going to get my tongue cut off.”
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