Commission director apologizes to fracking critics

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Commission director apologizes to fracking critics

Lepore said they fail to see how ban would affect prices
Well-permit numbers lag in La Plata County

Statewide well-permit numbers for the first half of the year confirm a fact that many La Plata County residents already know: Drilling activity in the county is being dwarfed by operations in the northeastern region of the state.
La Plata County accounted for 2 percent of all drilling permit activity in 2012 and 0 percent in 2013. Weld County, by comparison, made up 48 percent of permit activity in 2012 and 62 percent of activity in 2013.
Karen Spray, the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission’s regional environmental specialist, said this year was the first time she had seen the number of permit applications in Dolores and Montezuma counties outpace those in La Plata County. Most of those permits were filed by Kinder Morgan, the national pipeline company that is drilling for carbon dioxide.
Natural-gas production statewide ticked up slightly from 2011 to 2012, but oil production in the state saw the biggest jump, increasing from 107,000 barrels per day to 135,000 barrels per day.
The more than 49 million barrels of oil produced in 2012 was the highest level since 1957.

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