A little TLC for this cemetery?


A little TLC for this cemetery?

Oldest graveyard in Durango is deteriorating
San Juan ghost hunters say old cemetery still active

More than physical reminders of the past may linger at the Animas City Cemetery, according to Robyn Stevenson with the San Juan Paranormal Group.
While surveying the cemetery for ghostly activity a few years ago, she picked up on two lingering spirits. Paranormal researchers use a ghost box, or a modified AM/FM radio, to communicate with ghosts. Spirits are able to communicate through the white noise, they say, sometimes being able to form full sentences.
“I heard a little boy’s voice coming through saying ‘dog,’” she said.
The woman who was with Stevenson in the cemetery, turned white when she was told about the paranormal communication.
“She pointed to the tombstone that we just had walked by and said that little boy died of a dog bite,” Stevenson said.
Robert John Sisley was 10 years old when he died in 1900 of rabies. He was playing in a place he shouldn’t have been when he was bitten by a dog. He was afraid to tell his parents because he didn’t want to get in trouble. When he finally did speak up a few weeks after he was hurt, it was too late to save him, said Julie Pickett, a genealogical researcher and historian.
Stevenson also found intense electrical activity around the grave of Ike Stockton while using a K-2 meter. The activity could be evidence of a spirit because it is believed spirits are made up of electronic energy, Aaron Stevenson said.
Stockton was an outlaw who was shot in Durango while resisting arrest. He was wanted for murder, among other crimes.

San Juan Paranormal Group

The San Juan Paranormal Group is happy to help everyone having trouble with spirits in the area for free.
They also are careful not to provoke spirits and won’t leave you with an unhappy ghost.
The group always is accepting new members and will teach you how to use all of the ghost-hunting equipment.
Email the group at jaydednai@yahoo.com.
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