Oh, the kitsch these days!

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Oh, the kitsch these days!

Rachael Anderson and Minna Jain explore practical art at Studio &.

Arrtist's Rachael Anderson along with Minna Jain explore kitsch aesthetics in “How to Be a Practical Artist, studio outtakes.

Art vs. craft: What’s the difference?

Minna Jain and Rachael Anderson are transforming banal, everyday objects using both fine-art and decorative-art techniques. So when it comes to arts and crafts, where does one draw the line? Jain explains it this way:
“When (objects are) used or incorporated with self-awareness, with some kind of understanding of their history and the current context you’re going to put them in, that’s when you can shift it towards art or fine art or contemporary art.
“When it’s an unaware creation of or consumption of these traditional techniques where there isn’t a self-awareness or an inner dialogue about the context of that technique, that’s where it kind of remains craft for me.
“Art is about exploration. It shakes things up, it asks questions, it illuminates cultural resonances and cultural shifts. Artists are culture creators; artists are sitting in and responding to what’s happening around them, consciously and subconsciously, and creating work that illuminates that.
“Craft, and especially kitsch, is different. Instead of challenging societal norms, it reinforces them and, in some ways, defines them, too.”

If you go

Rachael Anderson and Minna Jain explore kitsch aesthetics in “How to Be a Practical Artist,” which will open Friday at Studio &, with an opening reception from 5 to 9 p.m.

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