Collaboration Festival brings together beer makers from across Colorado

Food and beer festivals – and capitalism in general – are often based around competition. The Collaboration Festival in Denver next month, however, flips that concept on its head. And Durango is...

DATE: Feb. 20, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Savory pancakes satisfy, especially when they’re packed with corn, black beans

There’s nothing wrong with serving straight-up breakfast-style pancakes for dinner, but through the years, The Washington Post ’s Food section has offered a number of savory renditions that I tend...

DATE: Feb. 18, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Good news for wine lovers: your drinks may be cheaper this year

Wine lovers will have something to toast about this year: Prices from several origins are set to become cheaper. Prices of generic wines from Spain and Italy are easing because of a large harvest...

DATE: Feb. 17, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Seasons Rotisserie & Grill to host ‘Burning Down the House’ fundraiser

Seasons Rotisserie & Grill will be “Burning Down the House” from 4-9 p.m. on Friday as it hosts its annual fundraiser benefitting Durango’s emergency responders through the 100 Club. The 100...

DATE: Feb. 17, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Six ways to make kitchen prep work easier and tidier

When you spend as much time in the kitchen as I do, you pick up a few tricks along the way. Some are designed to simplify recipe prep work. Others help make cleanup easier, which means I can...

DATE: Feb. 17, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Source of fall romaine outbreak a mystery, US regulators say

NEW YORK – U.S. food regulators say they weren’t able to identify a contamination source for a food poisoning outbreak that prompted them to warn people to avoid romaine lettuce this fall . The...

DATE: Feb. 16, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

A new window into the world of Palestinian food

It was a food-world fairy tale come true. In 2013, Yasmin Khan decided to write a cookbook. She was 32 and burned out from her work as a London-based human-rights campaigner focused on the Middle...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Food industry sway over public health gets new scrutiny

NEW YORK – The tweet from a group that finances development in Latin America was direct: Sodas do not offer beauty or joy, just a lot of sugar. There was one problem for the organization. Coca-Cola...

DATE: Feb. 10, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

How to take care of your cast-iron cookware and make it last forever

Cast iron. The myth. The legend. The reality. Perhaps no other type of cookware is so surrounded by lore, not to mention a passionate fan base, as cast iron. It also may confound and concern home...

DATE: Feb. 9, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Corn syrup in beer: It’s for fermenting, not as a sweetener

NEW YORK – Bud Light is touting that it doesn’t use corn syrup, but that doesn’t make it nutritionally much different from its competitors. The best-selling beer in the U.S. ran a medieval-themed...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Chef serves handmade ramen at Noodle Night in Dolores

DOLORES – Hungry for handmade ramen and tapas on a Monday evening? Consider heading over to Dolores River Brewery for its new Noodle Night. But get there early. The brewery began hosting Noodle...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Poland exported 5,500 pounds of meat from sick cows to EU

WARSAW, Poland – Thousands of pounds of meat from sick cows who were slaughtered illegally in Poland were exported to 10 other European Union countries, the country’s top veterinary official said...

DATE: Feb. 3, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

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