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Ultrasound jiggles open brain barrier, a step to better care

WASHINGTON – A handful of Alzheimer’s patients signed up for a bold experiment: They let scientists beam sound waves into the brain to temporarily jiggle an opening in its protective shield. The...

DATE: July 26, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Health care industry branches into fresh meals, rides to gym

That hot lunch delivered to your door? Your health insurer might pick up the tab. The cleaning crew that fixed up your apartment while you recovered from a stroke? The hospital staff helped set...

DATE: July 25, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

AIDS drugs show more promise for preventing new infections

New research shows more promise for using AIDS treatment drugs as a prevention tool, to help keep uninfected people from catching HIV during sex with a partner who has the virus. There were no...

DATE: July 24, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Woman likely spread Ebola a year after infection, doctors say

LONDON – A Liberian woman who probably caught Ebola in 2014 may have infected three relatives a year after she first fell sick, doctors reported in a study published Monday. There have been...

DATE: July 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Health care exchange rates stabilizing

Customers who purchase insurance through the state health care exchange could see smaller rate increases than in previous years, and some rates could decline. Across the state, insurance rates...

DATE: July 22, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Simpler, one-dose treatment to prevent malaria relapse OK’d

U.S. regulators Friday approved a simpler, one-dose treatment to prevent relapses of malaria. Standard treatment now takes two weeks and studies show many patients don’t finish taking every dose....

DATE: July 22, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Bayer to stop sales of birth control device tied to injuries

WASHINGTON – The maker of a permanent contraceptive implant subject to thousands of injury reports and repeated safety restrictions by regulators said Friday that it will stop selling the device in...

DATE: July 21, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Gene tests can provide health clues – and needless worry

NEW YORK – Last year, Katie Burns got a phone call that shows what can happen in medicine when information runs ahead of knowledge. Burns learned that a genetic test of her fetus had turned up an...

DATE: July 20, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

U.S. health official reveals fentanyl almost killed his son

NEW YORK – The head of the nation’s top public health agency says the opioid epidemic will be one of his priorities, and he revealed a personal reason for it: His son almost died from taking...

DATE: July 19, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

New ways to conquer sleep apnea compete for place in bedroom

Every night without fail, Paul Blumstein straps on a mask that prevents him from repeatedly waking up, gasping for air. It’s been his routine since he was diagnosed with a condition called sleep...

DATE: July 18, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

A surge in meth use in Colorado complicates opioid recovery

Huddled at a computer screen at the Denver Recovery Group, counselor Melissa McConnell looks at the latest urinalysis results for her client, Sara Florence. Last fall, it lit up like a Christmas...

DATE: July 16, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

As singles grow older, the prospect of declining health can provoke fears

Not long before I turned 60, my husband and I split up, and a health concern that I’d never really worried about jumped out at me: What would I do, now alone, if I became seriously ill? I’ve had...

DATE: July 13, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

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