‘Monster Fish’ host now a National Geographic Fellow

MESA, Ariz. (AP) – When the National Geographic Channel’s television series “Monster Fish” premiered its new season Friday, the host of the show could brag about a new title.Zeb Hogan, a Tempe...

DATE: July 9, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Re-creating for recreation

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) – It’s a busy spring day in the mid-1950s near the train depot in downtown Flagstaff. A railroad worker sweeps the platform; a worker at the Northern Arizona Warehouse Co....

DATE: June 25, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

It’s no trick: California condor needs help

TUSAYAN, Ariz. – The sarus crane gracefully walks on to the stage with its long legs that trail in flight. The African great white pelican waddles to eat fish from a mock river. A brown-necked...

DATE: June 25, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Old and gay: Program battles discrimination

LONGMONT (AP) – Two years after divorcing his wife of nearly 25 years, Jack Davis flew alone in 1982 from Denver to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with his mother and tell her that he was gay.Even...

DATE: June 11, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Desert trap

CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARK, Utah – What we were about to do seemed very wrong:On this mostly sunny day on a dry dirt road, with both of us in good physical condition, we were parking a fine-running...

DATE: May 21, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Power play: Navajo’s rise at Four Corners plant

KIRTLAND, N.M. (AP) – On N. Willard Billey’s first day at Four Corners Power Plant, his supervisor took him through “pulverizer alley,” one of the hottest, loudest areas of the massive coal-burning...

DATE: May 21, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Foster youths’ stolen IDs getting more attention

DENVER – Dominic McGee was born to a mother addicted to drugs and taken away from her to live in a series of five foster homes where authorities assumed he’d be safe. Instead, he says he was...

DATE: May 7, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Historic schoolhouse finds a new home on Colorado farm

AURORA – Using gigantic steel beams and a flat-bed trailer, the historic Coal Creek Schoolhouse was moved from Springhill Park to DeLaney Farm and secured to its new foundation.The Coal Creek...

DATE: May 7, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Inmates get little respect at Cañon City cemetery

CAÑON CITY – On a bluff above Civil War-era sandstone headstones at Greenwood Cemetery are graves marked with twisted, rusted and bullet-riddled license plates.Though volunteers mend gravestones...

DATE: April 23, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

To bury a child

GRAND JUNCTION – Three years ago, Stacy and Chris Hite never imagined they were about to bury their grandson.Now they find healing in helping others who are thrust into the same situation.The Hites...

DATE: April 23, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Can’t leave home? This library delivers

FRISCO – Although Matthew Bogue wasn’t much of a reader when he was younger, he really started to enjoy it as an adult. But when he started experiencing blind spots in his vision – an early sign of...

DATE: April 23, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Greeley serviceman renounces gang life to reclaim his own

GREELEY – The tats are still there. Under his sleeves. Under the dress uniform that has the eagle on the arm and the ribbons and the medal.Stevie Limas once was on the road that likely would have...

DATE: April 9, 2011 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

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