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Treasures of Silver City: A New Mexico town rich in art, history, food

We’ve always been a little unconventional. So when my husband, Michael, and I wanted to mark our 25th anniversary, rather than buying a silver platter, we looked for a place with “silver” in its...

DATE: Oct. 13, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

Google’s Waze expands carpooling service throughout U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO – Google will begin offering its pay-to-carpool service throughout the U.S., an effort to reduce the commute-time congestion that its popular Waze navigation app is designed to avoid....

DATE: Oct. 10, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

Mass tourism overwhelms Croatia’s ‘Game of Thrones’ town

DUBROVNIK, Croatia – Marc van Bloemen has lived in the old town of Dubrovnik, a Croatian citadel widely praised as the jewel of the Adriatic, for decades, since he was a child. He says it used to...

DATE: Oct. 7, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

High in Sicily’s mountains, residents enjoy life’s simple pleasures

GANGI, Sicily – Far from the packed beaches of Sicily’s busy coastlines, there’s a quieter and wilder world in its high mountains. In more dangerous times, this was where much of Sicily’s...

DATE: Oct. 6, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

New Zealand fines travelers who won’t unlock secure devices

CANBERRA, Australia – Visitors to New Zealand can be fined 5,000 New Zealand dollars ($3,243) for refusing to provide passwords to unlock electronic devices and allow customs officials to examine...

DATE: Oct. 5, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

Jimmy Kimmel to open comedy club in Las Vegas in 2019

LAS VEGAS – Jimmy Kimmel will see a dream come true when he opens a comedy club next spring in Las Vegas where he will make regular appearances and give up-and-coming comics a chance to hone their...

DATE: Oct. 3, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

Rwanda fee hike to visit gorillas leads to drop in tourists

VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, Rwanda – Gorilla tourism is an important income source for Rwanda, but a recent increase in permit fees for safaris meant a steep decline in visitors. Earlier this year the...

DATE: Oct. 1, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

Introverts share travel survival secrets

Travel can be busy, noisy and crowded – a potentially daunting environment for anyone. But if you’re an introvert, it can drain your internal battery. Studies and experts suggest this personality...

DATE: Sept. 29, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

Wildfire smoke costs famed Oregon Shakespeare Festival

PORTLAND, Ore. – The famed Oregon Shakespeare Festival that attracts tourists from around the world said Tuesday that it lost $2 million this summer because wildfire smoke forced it to cancel more...

DATE: Sept. 26, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

Archaeologists discover ‘massive’ ancient building in Egypt

CAIRO – Egypt says archaeologists have discovered a “massive” ancient building in the town of Mit Rahina, 12 miles south of Cairo. The Antiquities Ministry said Tuesday archaeologists also...

DATE: Sept. 25, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

She was studying abroad; they thought she was a spy

BUCHAREST, Romania – Romanian secret police agents eavesdropped on her, persuaded friends to snoop on her and filmed her when she was in her underwear. Some 70 informants and spies kept tabs on...

DATE: Sept. 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

Searching for the golden larch tree high in the Northwest

You can spot the gold of the larch trees high on the eastern and northern Cascades in Washington. But to really see them, to feel their softness and breathe in their scent, you must hike. Up. And...

DATE: Sept. 22, 2018 | CATEGORY: Travel

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