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Meet the Farmer

About: Marje Cristol owns Linnaea Farm in Durango and sells cut flowers and goat-milk cheeses. She also serves on the Durango Farmers Market board.

Former artist Banga finds beauty coaxing plants out of clay

The food is beautiful: a palette of royal purple beets, red and yellow tomatoes the color of sunset and deep ocean greens.There is artistry in the presentation that grabs your attention as you walk...

DATE: Oct. 13, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

James Ranch owners raise cattle and awareness on sustainability

Add the view of cattle grazing on lush green grass to the red cliffs and meandering waters of the Animas River, and you have the northern gateway to Durango, created by the stewardship of Kay and...

DATE: Oct. 7, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

Goats, baking and growing keep Dragonfly Farm buzzing

Teresa Hollar of Dragonfly Farm leads a busy life. She's up early to put bread in the oven, milk goats and tend the garden, and her efforts provide a sustainable living for her family.Luckily,...

DATE: Sept. 30, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

Isgars branch out with politics, organic food and fiber arts

On a recent Saturday at the Durango Farmers Market, you could find a busy politician shucking corn, a nurse selling her homemade jams and jellies and an occupational therapist greeting...

DATE: Sept. 16, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

Coles ranged to warmer pastures with their cattle

Rena and Roger Cole have taken a family tradition of raising breeding stock and transformed the art of ranching into the art of show.Both were born and raised in Durango. Roger's grandfather,...

DATE: Sept. 9, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

Halls bought the farm, then brought The Farm to life

Imagine your friendly farmer planting, weeding, harvesting and then cooking your meal for you.Rusty and Laurie Hall of Seven Meadows Farm, on 70 acres in Summit Ridge between Mancos and Dolores,...

DATE: Sept. 2, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

Buscaglias of RAS Farm make producing food a family affair

Self-sufficiency is the humble aspiration of Sara and Tom Buscaglia, owners of RAS Farm.Both grew up in Midwestern suburbs, neither one with a farming background. After meeting in Durango in 1998,...

DATE: Aug. 26, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

Tierra Madre Herbs owner grew from one packet of basil seeds

Matt Keefauver has a way of adding spice to your life. He does it by handing you a little bit of culinary paradise in a pot.Keefauver is the owner of Tierra Madre Herbs, a small business that he...

DATE: Aug. 19, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

Heartwood Farms yields biodynamic bounty

Heartwood Farms is an integrated farming project at Heartwood Co-housing in Bayfield with an aim to provide a food base to its own members and a link to the larger community.The community includes...

DATE: Aug. 12, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

Farmers shift philosophy with Cedar Hill Farm

At Schwebach's Cedar Hill Farm, you can see what it's like to start from the ground up.As Durango Farmers Market producers in their first year of business, Michael and Diane Schwebach are eager for...

DATE: July 29, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

Memories pull woman home to work James Ranch land

We may think of green as the overwhelming color of the James Ranch in the Animas Valley, but Jennifer James Wheeling does her best to vary the palette, adding her own array of color with her...

DATE: July 22, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

Hayes raises unique Red Angus beef

At Hayes Ranch, seeing red isn't necessarily a bad thing.That's where you'll find 100 percent registered Red Angus cattle. The ranch is owned by John and Patricia Hayes, who live part time in...

DATE: July 8, 2009 | COLUMN: Meet the Farmer

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