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From the Extension Office to April 14, 2019

About: Family and consumer science agent for the La Plata County Extension Office.

Make sure gift cards hold their value

Now that Thanksgiving is past, we are being bombarded with opportunities to spend our money for gifts. Many choose the option of gift cards. The incentives are everywhere. The upside is one size...

DATE: Dec. 8, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

College students need to learn rules of shopping, cooking

Now is the time of year we send our students off to college after loading them up with microwaves, tabletop grills and mini-fridges. Many don't know what it takes to protect themselves from...

DATE: Aug. 25, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Community support for 4-H’ers was touching during county fair

The community provided amazing support to our 4-H’ers at the La Plata County Fair this year. Let me share just some of what I saw.More than 65 adults took an entire day off to judge 4-H projects –...

DATE: Aug. 18, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Treatments vary to lower cholesterol

The American Heart Association estimates that more than 100 million adults have cholesterol values greater than 200 mg/dl. Of those, one-third have levels greater than 240. For the first time,...

DATE: July 28, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Going green savvy move for eateries

We are spending a lot of time (and energy) going green. What about food-service establishments? Here's a way to enticecustomers while saving real dollars. Going green can save operational costs,...

DATE: June 24, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Gluten-free foods, diets are gaining in popularity

Since I last wrote about celiac sprue and gluten-free diets, there has been an increase in the number of peoplefollowing the gluten-free diet in our community and nationally.So if you are finding...

DATE: April 15, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Easter's coming: Do you know how to boil an egg?

At this time of year eggs are in higher demand. Figuring that a hen lays one egg a day, it takes a lot of chickens toproduce the 72 billion eggs we use every year.Whether you are planning an Easter...

DATE: April 1, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Colorado is no different: Good diet, exercise vital

Obesity. We have been told for a long time that this is a national problem. But how does that relate to all of us in“lean"Colorado?According to Weight of the State for 2009, a report from the...

DATE: March 18, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

It's a good idea to test your home for harmful radon gas

With snow comes the opportunity for you to find out if your home is harboring the No. 2 cause of lung cancer: radongas.Do you know the level of radon in your home? Is it below 4 picocuries per...

DATE: Jan. 28, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Census worthwhile, although you may have questions

Last weekend, I had occasion to discuss our upcoming census.The Census Bureau has taken great efforts to protect the confidentiality of residents. Beginning in February, advancemailouts begin; in...

DATE: Nov. 19, 2009 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Small changes can make big differences around the house

We keep hearing about the $1,500 tax credit to help with energy savings for your home, but how about changes that costlittle or nothing and can save you more than $1,500 over the course of a year...

DATE: Nov. 5, 2009 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

There's no time like now to prepare for disaster

Over the last few months, four tornado traumas have involved friends and family.Disaster preparedness has been a topic of conversation as they recount bumping around the house looking for...

DATE: Oct. 22, 2009 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

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