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Downtown Lowdown

About: Bryant Liggett is a freelancewriter and KDUR station manager.

Durango ready to welcome 2011

It’s the last day of the year: 2010, you came in quickly and you left even quicker. I’m sure we can all reflect on some great accomplishments from the last 365. Me, I’m just happy I’m working, the...

DATE: Dec. 30, 2010 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Live music returns to The Tav

Several weeks ago when I got home from work, I noticed someone had fliered my complex with propaganda of some sort.The nearby medicinal alcohol dispensary, otherwise known as the 8th Avenue Tavern,...

DATE: Dec. 23, 2010 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Americana songstress to play at Derailed

When musician Julie Neumark first picked up a guitar, it wasn’t an attempt to forge her way into the music business. A Cincinnati native who’s now a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Neumark...

DATE: Sept. 9, 2010 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Sarah Borges and band worth drive to Dolores

Sarah Borges isn’t really one for trends. The Boston-based singer and songwriter, who will pull into the Dolores River Brewing Co. tonight with her band The Broken Singles, has managed to make a...

DATE: Aug. 19, 2010 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Legendary producer crafts local release

When Ed Stasium attended KDUR's Ramones Night back in 2004, he probably expected to see a handful of local bands honoring, doing justice to and butchering the music of the legendary New York punk...

DATE: Aug. 5, 2010 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Spearhead show serves community

I doubt that even the great Bill Graham could’ve duplicated the success he achieved as a promoter had he lived in Durango.Centered between the parallel interstates 40 and 70, it takes some extra...

DATE: July 29, 2010 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Free concert kicks off Homecoming

Homecoming. It’s that time of year on college campuses across the country, when alumni come back to celebrate the best four, seven or 10 years of their lives.It’s a tradition that dates back to the...

DATE: Oct. 8, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

The Derailers to bring country sound to town

When honky-tonk band The Derailers formed 16 years ago, it was shooting for a country sound that gave a nod to Bakersfield, not Nashville. Founding member, vocalist and guitarist Brian Hofeldt was...

DATE: Aug. 21, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Albuquerque's Porter Draw returns to town

Let's analyze the non-traditional bluegrass band. I'd like to think there are two types. The kind that leans toward the jam-band world, relying on extended solos and improvisation to move some of...

DATE: July 24, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

It's barbecues, bands for the Fourth of July

Our local July Fourth celebration this year will again be a conglomerate of typical Americana and Durango individuality.The traditional, of course, is fireworks and a parade. The Durango part would...

DATE: July 3, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Skate punks Agent Orange return to town

Do you remember the 1980's? I do. Things were a lot different then. All of the Ramones were still alive, and high school football players and cheerleaders (at least back East) were swooning over...

DATE: May 22, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Texas band rides, swings into Durango

Dale X Allen is a musician who isn't afraid to mash up his influences into one big pile of twangy, note-bending, swinging sound.The Austin, Texas-based guitar player, producer, engineer, studio...

DATE: May 15, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Full weekend of local and not-local bands

Note to show promoters: Tell me what the heck is going on. The paper likes information to print, I like stuff to write about, and the readers like stuff to read about. You're only doing a favor for...

DATE: May 8, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Front Range rockers to play in Durango

If you've been paying attention to fliers posted on bulletin boards across town, you've probably noticed there has been a bumper crop of shows during the last few months.Posting spaces from the...

DATE: April 3, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Duo and trio to play FLC Concert Hall

The relationship between traditional bluegrass musicians and international string band music may not be obvious to some ears, but it's obvious to the musicians who revel in it.Many American...

DATE: March 27, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Music legends Los Lobos hit Durango

Bands that have been around four decades have their share of road-tales. If they're not on the state fair or biker rally circuit, they're playing random clubs with only one or two original members....

DATE: March 20, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Austin groups taking to stage in Durango

The South by Southwest Music Festival kicks off in Austin next week. It's a great time to hang out with thousands of your closest friends, sleep little and get shut out of most of the shows you...

DATE: March 13, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

South Africans coming to FLC Concert Hall

Numerous Grammy winners have graced the stage of the Community Concert Hall, but it's arguable that tonight's Grammy-winning performers have traveled the farthest, and perhaps been around the...

DATE: March 5, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Choose Snider or Great Taxi on Saturday

Saturday night offers two options of music to choose from, or if you want to commit, a full night of straight-up Americana at two different venues.Todd Snider will be kicking off at 8 p.m.,...

DATE: Feb. 27, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Events lineup includes bears and a new band

I am glad Snowdown has come and gone with little injury to myself and my friends except a dent in some checking accounts, a black eye, some random embarrassment and a handful of hangovers. Nice...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Local singer to perform, releases CD

I'd like to think most musicians obsess over their craft. Some musicians write and play music out of a love of the hobby; others study music in school, arguably one of the more challenging...

DATE: Jan. 23, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

South Austin Jug Band bids farewell

A decade is a decent run for a band. It's plenty of time to accomplish a lot in music.Maybe you hold court on a regular night at a prominent spot in your city. You tour a little bit and see the...

DATE: Jan. 13, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Bluesman Colin Lake plays solo, mostly

Musicians who can both play out in their loud rock bands, and play solo acoustic shows may have the best of both worlds. They can blast it loud and large on tour with a big band or they can do an...

DATE: Jan. 9, 2009 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

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