Froma Harrop

A political Sept. 11 is changing the world we live in

Like the 2001 terrorist attacks, the Donald Trump upset win threatens Americans’ sense of safety and continuity. Financial markets went into convulsions, just as they did on that Sept. 11. The...

DATE: Nov. 11, 2016 | COLUMN: Froma Harrop

More is not always merrier in our congested cities

New York and San Francisco are expensive places to live. That’s a big problem for the nation because these cities are centers for the booming knowledge economy. High housing costs discourage this...

DATE: April 9, 2015 | COLUMN: Froma Harrop

Saved from Larry Summers at the Federal Reserve

The week opened nicely with news that Lawrence Summers had taken his name out of the running for the Federal Reserve chairman job. We won’t be subjected to the notoriously unpleasant Summers...

DATE: Sept. 19, 2013 | COLUMN: Froma Harrop

Recent barrage of non-news frees up time for real life

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Keeping up with the always-spinning news cycle can eat into a media hound’s free time. Thus, I’m grateful when cable television plugs its news holes with stories of no...

DATE: June 2, 2011 | COLUMN: Froma Harrop

Financial regulation made Canada fat and happy

Suppose the U.S. government had posted a budget surplus in 12 of the last 13 years. Suppose not a single major American financial institution had failed or needed a government bailout. Suppose the...

DATE: Aug. 12, 2010 | COLUMN: Froma Harrop

Children should not be used as props on reality television

In the beginning, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" had a sweet charm. The little ones would scamper and shout toddler things, as their harried parents tried to keep order.This was Americana for the 21st...

DATE: Aug. 28, 2009 | COLUMN: Froma Harrop

The good, the bad and the ugly of health-care reform

It's high noon on health-care reform. Time to identify the good, the bad and the ugly.Let's start with the bad: Obama's passive leadership. The president didn't want to come down from the mount...

DATE: July 24, 2009 | COLUMN: Froma Harrop

Obama too readily succumbs to old political games

This has been a tough week for the hopeful ones who believed President Obama's vow to break with the old politics. Every day, it seems, the president caved in to another Democratic interest group...

DATE: June 21, 2009 | COLUMN: Froma Harrop

Selling those already insured on health reform is biggest challenge

The hardest group to sell on national health reform is those who don't desperately need it. That would include Americans who already have coverage through a workplace, about 160 million in all, and...

DATE: April 24, 2009 | COLUMN: Froma Harrop

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