Stephanie Weber


Discover the natural world’s wonders at the Durango Nature Center

Happy New Year, everyone. I love the start of a new year. I’m not one to make the typical resolutions, but I relish the hope and renewal ushered forth each January. In addition, new years mark...

DATE: Jan. 19, 2018 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Celebrate the power of place during the holidays

I’m writing this column after spending a crisp Tuesday morning on a street corner along with other nonprofit representatives, waving at commuters and reminding them to “give where they live” in...

DATE: Dec. 9, 2017 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Stay connected to nature this winter for the health of it

The changing clocks and return to seasonal temperatures have changed the tempo in this town. It’s dark and chilly. That warm bed may seem way more inviting than the cold outside, but many studies...

DATE: Nov. 10, 2017 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

I tamed my fear of tarantulas by understanding them

Had I known when I was interviewing for this position that one of the resident species at the Nature Center was the tarantula, I would have quickly placed it into the category of animals to...

DATE: Oct. 13, 2017 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

For kids, real connections to nature have a lasting impact

With summer temperatures hanging on relentlessly, it seems surreal that we are already three weeks into the new school year. But the flurry of youthful activity around town confirms that it has...

DATE: Sept. 8, 2017 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

The season for migration brings me back to Durango

As fall approaches, we are starting to see signs of migration throughout the Four Corners. Flocks of geese are seen flying overhead in their “V” formation. Elk and deer are starting to move down...

DATE: Aug. 11, 2017 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

For humans, metamorphosis is part of life, too

One of my favorite games we play at the Nature Center is the metamorphosis relay. The relay allows kids to act out the change that happens when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. It is...

DATE: June 9, 2017 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Durango Nature Center an oasis for wildlife – and humans

The Durango Nature Center opened to the public on May 6. The day was sunny and beautiful, and our volunteer docent, Sheila Payne, was there to open the gates. Grace Gordon, our program...

DATE: May 11, 2017 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Make Earth Day count for our kids

Earth Day has focused on many things since its inception in 1970. When it began, there was very little concern at a political level about the perils of human impact on the planet. Rachel Carson’s...

DATE: April 6, 2017 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

When kids connect to nature, benefits abound

During times of uncertainty, it is essential to recognize the constants that provide joy and groundedness to transcend politics. Studies have shown that a connection between children and nature...

DATE: March 8, 2017 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Leaf-cutter ants set the standard for hard work

Milestones are often daunting and deserve recognition. But, at the same time, they are also just days in the year, and life keeps on going. I celebrated my 50th birthday over the holidays, and...

DATE: Jan. 12, 2017 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Animals offer us a model for how to live together

Almost every child, when asked if they could wish for any three things around the holidays, usually includes a perfunctory “I wish for peace on Earth.” Yes, maybe this is thrown in as the final...

DATE: Dec. 7, 2016 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

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