Stephanie Weber


Winter survival depends on animals’ ability to adapt

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has issued an official El Niño warning for this winter based on temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. An El Niño doesn’t always mean colder...

DATE: Nov. 11, 2015 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

New boxes will give you a bird’s-eye view of nests

The Durango Nature Center is a hybrid between a place that is kept in its natural state and managed to maximize observation of native species. This means that although we try to allow flora and...

DATE: Oct. 7, 2015 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Bluegrass and birdsong: Joyful sounds of summer

Durango Nature Studies will hold its seventh annual bluegrass festival Friday at Rotary Park. Over the years, the festival has grown in size and stature. This year, the bands will be Maple Range,...

DATE: Aug. 12, 2015 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Learning to adapt opens new doors to living, fun

Adaptation is a word that is used often in Durango Nature Studies’ curriculum. Adaptations are traits that help a species or an animal survive. On a day-to-day scale for humans, adaptations are...

DATE: July 8, 2015 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Program targets middle-schoolers to become field scientists

There has been much concern lately about water-quality levels in the Animas Watershed. We often take for granted that rivers can be floated, jumped in and enjoyed, especially in a town such as...

DATE: June 10, 2015 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Memories from summer camp can last a lifetime

When I was growing up, my family had a small cabin in southern Arkansas. We had to handle a few things that I don’t miss in Colorado, such as the size of the bugs, the heat and cottonmouth...

DATE: May 13, 2015 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

On Earth Day, consider your role in planet’s health

Earth Day has focused on many things since its inception in 1970. When it began, there was very little concern on a political level about the perils of human impact on our planet. Rachel Carson’s...

DATE: April 8, 2015 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Lizards give us pause to contemplate change

My son got a gecko for Christmas and named him Binx. He has always had a fascination with lizards in the wild. Many parents who send their kids to Durango Nature Studies’ summer camps can share...

DATE: March 11, 2015 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

By definition, kids losing their connection to nature

Thomas Berry, the great cultural historian and writer, wrote in his book Befriending the Earth: “We are talking only to ourselves. We are not talking to the rivers, we are not listening to the wind...

DATE: Feb. 11, 2015 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

To spot this squirrel, look for its distinct ears

As we kick into high gear trying to live up to our New Year’s resolutions, the wildlife in our area go about their business. For an animal living at higher elevations, the goal in January is to...

DATE: Jan. 7, 2015 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

Kingfisher reminds us to take solace in dark days

The holidays are upon us whether we’re ready or not and with or without the snow. The winter solstice Dec. 21 is the year’s shortest day and brings with it the official onset of winter. It also is...

DATE: Dec. 10, 2014 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

This bird of Thanksgiving is cunning in the wild

November is a time of thanksgiving, and for some reason, the turkey is the symbol of our thankfulness. I say “for some reason” because historians are not absolutely sure where this tradition...

DATE: Nov. 12, 2014 | COLUMN: Durango Nature Studies

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