Marc Thiessen

Left’s anger may hand Trump a second term

WASHINGTON – Democrats have a new theory for how they can win back Congress and the White House. Just like “soccer moms” helped put Bill Clinton in the Oval Office in 1996, and “NASCAR dads” helped...

DATE: July 6, 2018 | COLUMN: Marc Thiessen

President Trump deserves more latitude and less attitude

WASHINGTON – Well, that didn’t take long. President Trump had barely departed Singapore when Democrats in Washington unleashed scathing attacks over his meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong...

DATE: June 15, 2018 | COLUMN: Marc Thiessen

Thiessen: Shame on Google for treating U.S. military as evil

WASHINGTON — Giving in to pressure from its workforce, Google recently announced that it is pulling out of Project Maven, a groundbreaking Pentagon program to harness artificial intelligence to...

DATE: June 7, 2018 | COLUMN: Marc Thiessen

Thiessen: Liberals don’t hate America and conservatives are not racists

WASHINGTON – I’m a rock-ribbed conservative who wants Republicans to keep control of Congress. But I’m not unhappy that Republican state Rep. Rick Saccone lost the special election in...

DATE: March 23, 2018 | COLUMN: Marc Thiessen

Thiessen: The 10 worst things Trump did in his first year

One week ago (Herald, Jan. 15 ), I listed the 10 best things President Trump accomplished in his remarkable first year in office. However, his record of conservative achievement has been...

DATE: Jan. 22, 2018 | COLUMN: Marc Thiessen

Thiessen: The 10 best things Trump has done in his first year

As we approach the end of President Donald Trump’s first year in office, the list of extraordinary things he has done – for both good and ill – is pretty remarkable. Trump inspires such deep...

DATE: Jan. 15, 2018 | COLUMN: Marc Thiessen

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