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Special series: Solutions to youth suicide in La Plata County

James: Self-raised, but who cares?

Anyone who knows me very well will tell you that I’m not the most fastidious man that ever lived. My second wife – I’ve been encouraged not to refer to them as ex-wife No. 1 or No. 2 – told me...

DATE: June 4, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Hunters and gun owners must speak out for common sense

These days it’s impossible for an American citizen fortunate enough to have been born with a functioning mind not to worry about guns and the men who love them, and the innocent victims some of...

DATE: June 2, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Harney: Racial disparities notable in mortgage rejections

WASHINGTON – For millions of Americans hoping to buy or refinance a home, it’s a crucial make-or-break question: Will the lender say yes to our mortgage application, turn it down or charge us a...

DATE: May 28, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

McQuade: Time to ignore pundits and act like Americans

We’re a nation, America, and it would be healthy for us to act like one again, rather than like two diametrically opposed nations attempting to bunk together. If you’re a student of history, you...

DATE: May 26, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Writers on the Range: Speak up now to prevent oil development in ANWR

Last December, Congress tucked a provision into the new tax law that mandates oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is among the nation’s most treasured natural...

DATE: May 26, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Dionne: A challenge to our nation’s Christian apologists

WASHINGTON — Maybe it takes a royal wedding to offer lessons in what a good sermon sounds like. Maybe it takes one of the world’s most elitist institutions – a monarchy, for goodness’ sake – to...

DATE: May 24, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Blow: Time to change political tactics on gun control

The school shooting has become an American motif, a previously unthinkable option for the odd, the alienated and the spurned, a way to find voice through violence. We had yet another one last week...

DATE: May 23, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Stein: More than a local newspaper – a partnership

In late March, The New York Times ran a column by Bill McKibben, “Vermont Town Seeks a Heart, and Soul (Also Milk and Eggs),” about a country store in Ripton, Vermont, whose owners, since 1976,...

DATE: May 19, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Minkler: Be wary of wolf reintroduction in Colorado

I was thrilled the first time I saw a wolf in the wild. I was in Denali National Park in Alaska, and I remember to this day the excitement of catching a short glimpse of a pair of wolves as they...

DATE: May 19, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Writers on the Range: Colorado moves to block river access

If you care about fishing or boating Colorado’s rivers, this ongoing legal case should have relevance to you. Roger Hill is a 76-year-old Coloradan who likes to fish while standing on the bed of a...

DATE: May 19, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Diaz: Get outdoors to celebrate Colorado Public Lands Day

Summer is when our public lands and waters shine. Exciting adventures loom on the horizon, with endless opportunities to kayak, raft, fish, hike, bike and camp across Colorado’s 24 million acres of...

DATE: May 17, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Huser: Hiding details of child suicide solves nothing

The bill passed recently by Colorado legislators to exempt the autopsy reports of minor children from the Colorado Open Records Act is a product of good intentions, but it’s a bad idea that won’t...

DATE: May 15, 2018 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

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