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Wave of bills advocate for air travelers

It started with a proposed law to set minimum seat sizes on planes. Then a senator took on hotel resort fees, and another put airline surcharges in his crosshairs. And then the Senate released one...

DATE: March 26, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

On airplanes, restrooms are circling drain

At first, David Collins thought it was his imagination. The restroom on the Boeing 737-900 flying from Los Angeles to Atlanta seemed smaller than usual. “I had to take a deep breath to access the...

DATE: March 19, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

Air passengers bug each other in so many ways

Airline passengers are pushing each other’s buttons more than ever, mostly because there are more buttons than ever to push – literally. Consider the in-flight reading light, which seems like the...

DATE: March 11, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

Don’t be fooled by ‘resort fees’ at next hotel stay

If you’ve ever found a bargain on a hotel only to discover a few clicks later that the property charged a nonnegotiable “resort fee,” you’re not alone. Last year, 744 properties in the United...

DATE: March 5, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

Congress needs to protect rights of air travelers

Now that the dust has settled after Round 1 of the fight for the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill, air travelers are wondering: What’s in it for us? Not much, unfortunately. The...

DATE: Feb. 27, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

Airlines keep packing on fees for checked bags

British Airways shouldn’t have charged Jim Arnold and his wife $400 for their checked bags. After all, the couple were flying from London to Newark, New Jersey, in premium economy class. But when...

DATE: Feb. 20, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

U.S. Congress has chance to improve flying

Air travelers are about to get their best shot in four years at fixing everything that’s wrong with flying – or they would if they’d been invited to the party. Sometime this week, the House...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

Uncertainty surrounds rules for air travelers

These are confusing times for airline passengers. In recent weeks, the government has made two surprising policy changes: First, the Transportation Security Administration announced that screening...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

United Airlines’ service begins to improve

Like a 747 loaded to capacity, United Airlines is rising – slowly, steadily and improbably. “I thought I was imagining it,” says Anne Klein, who works for a marketing agency in Durango. “But United...

DATE: Jan. 29, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

Can you get sued for a bad review? Yes, you can

If he reveals the details of his awful vacation-rental experience, Terry Fedigan is afraid of what might happen. The rental property’s owner could sue – and win. Last summer, he rented a home in...

DATE: Jan. 22, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

Small gestures can win over weary travelers

In the travel industry, little things can make a big difference. The zipper on your suitcase, for example. Traditionally, airlines have excluded specific parts of checked baggage, such as wheels,...

DATE: Jan. 16, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

TSA changes body-scanner rules for fliers

The Transportation Security Administration’s new rules for screening passengers with its controversial full-body scanners – which were quietly changed just before the busy holiday travel season –...

DATE: Jan. 9, 2016 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

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