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Family philosophy promotes respect

Recently, I asked Col, Rose and their friend Kiva what children need most. “Love,” Col said. “Yup, love,” Kiva agreed. “Love!” Rose shouted. OK. Well, whew. That’s the easy part, loving our...

DATE: April 20, 2013 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

Like cream, the joy of parenting always rises to the top

My children are cleaning up the daily trail of toys that expand from their shared room like some explorers’ route of conquest, like say, the Midday Takeover of the Living Room. “Do you want this...

DATE: April 6, 2013 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

Family vacation: So glad to have gone, so glad to be back

After 10 days in Costa Rica, we’re back in the Northern Hemisphere, in winter, in the First World, where children don’t ride bikes home from school on the highway shoulder, helmet- and adult-less....

DATE: March 16, 2013 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

In parenthood, it is not the destination, but the journey

Sometimes, raising children feels a little like how I imagine life was for the pioneers of the westward expansion. You know, how they were basically traversing an unknown continent based on...

DATE: March 2, 2013 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

It’s amazing to watch children start to come into their own

I’m home alone with Rose today, who spent yesterday puking in our salad bowl (and on the floor, the couch, ... ). I’m trying to be a gracious mother, the kind who isn’t thinking about deadlines,...

DATE: Feb. 16, 2013 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

Raising healthy, resilient children an ongoing endeavor

I was recently snuggled up on our couch with three Mama friends, one of whom announced, “Hey, we’re all raising boys. How do we steer them away from harmful media messages and toward an...

DATE: Feb. 2, 2013 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

No need to go back in time – just want more ‘now’ time

Lately, Col’s been infected with a bout of what we call around here snuggle fever. He climbs on my lap while I’m making out with my coffee and newspaper; he whispers, at 6:02 a.m.: “The most...

DATE: Jan. 19, 2013 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

Unconditional love most valuable thing you can give children

At the end of December, it finally started snowing. So much and so suddenly it reminded me of those fast labors you hear about, where women go from enormously pregnant to cradling a peachy-headed...

DATE: Jan. 5, 2013 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

A mother’s mantra: ‘These skills will help them someday’

We’re all feeling a little religiously toward the sun right now, schlepping our troubles to the south-facing windows to be bathed in the benediction of sunlight. June through September, we hide...

DATE: Dec. 15, 2012 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

Lessons learned when candy experiment is conducted

In the past, our Halloweens have included a lot of CIA-type planning to keep sugar out of my kids’ cavity-prone little mouths. We’ve had the Halloween fairy visit, whisking away piles of candy in...

DATE: Dec. 1, 2012 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

Son strong, healthy despite a premature start

November is National Prematurity Awareness month, a cause close to my heart. My son, Col, was born at 25 weeks, almost eight years ago. We were airlifted to Denver when my water broke at 24 weeks....

DATE: Nov. 17, 2012 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

Part of growing up is learning to appreciate differences

Lately, the kids’ questions seem to be outpacing my ability to deliver satisfactory answers. In the last week, we’ve covered Electoral College votes, climate change, credit cards and the Democratic...

DATE: Nov. 3, 2012 | COLUMN: Adventures in Motherhood

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