Dr. Matthew A. Clark

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Skier’s thumb, how I reinvented the wheel

Just why is the invention of the wheel such a big deal? Perhaps it’s not. By itself, the wheel is useless; the true hero is the inventor of the axle. Axles without wheels or wheels without axles? I...

DATE: Feb. 27, 2011 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

Healthy food portions: Learn from the mice

One of the most fundamental health decisions we make on a daily basis is what to eat. This decision is motivated by such diverse factors as survival instinct, knowledge about healthy diet, food...

DATE: Feb. 20, 2011 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

Kidney stones: Try to avoid the unpleasantness

Don’t ask me. Ask the women who have experienced both. The saying goes that the pain from passing kidney stones is worse than childbirth. Yet the passage of kidney stones is a relatively common...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2011 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

Is it carbon monoxide again? Maybe, maybe not

It is the old tip-of-the-iceberg thing: For the 1,000 or more annual deaths in the U.S. from carbon monoxide poisoning, it is estimated that there are 40,000 nonfatal exposures. The latter are...

DATE: Jan. 30, 2011 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

It’s not easy to stand up to plantar fasciitis

If, like me, you spend a fair amount of time on your feet, then perhaps you have firsthand knowledge about the pain of plantar fasciitis. If so, you’re not alone. According to the American...

DATE: Jan. 23, 2011 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

Fluid intake crucial with gastroenteritis

Nobody likes to get sick – least of all me. Yet recently, I found myself stuck in bed for three days, too sick to move. It was a stomach bug, and in my bed-bound misery, I had plenty of time to...

DATE: Jan. 16, 2011 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

A no-brainer: Always wear a safety helmet

I hate to follow “Ho! Ho! Ho!” with a “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” but if your Christmas morning was anything like mine, then the kids’ recreational items were not accompanied by the necessary safety...

DATE: Jan. 2, 2011 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

Pregnancy brings double trouble in remote Alaska

One of our family’s finest Christmas experiences was in 1976, celebrated in Glasgow, Scotland. I was finishing three months as a resident at the Queen Mother’s Hospital, an obstetrical, teaching...

DATE: Dec. 26, 2010 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

Hepatitis an often-hidden, chronic disease

Hepatitis is a term used to refer to inflammation of the liver. There are many different causes of hepatitis, including alcohol use, diseases of the immune system and certain medications. Hepatitis...

DATE: Dec. 19, 2010 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

Odorless gas is tasteless and insidious

About 35 years ago, I answered a call for a man in his 70s with a possible stroke. I was told he had high blood pressure and had a previous transient ischemic attack, both stroke risk factors....

DATE: Nov. 28, 2010 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

Healthy diet: Could grandma have eaten it?

Let’s face it – the holiday season can be very tough on our diets. Beginning with the mountain of Halloween candies, extending through turkey day and followed by all those Christmas cookies,...

DATE: Nov. 21, 2010 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

Migraine sufferers aren’t alone in pain

Migraine is the second-leading cause of chronic headaches (after tension headaches) in the United States and is the leading cause of moderate to severe chronic headaches. Statistics indicate that...

DATE: Nov. 14, 2010 | COLUMN: La Plata Health Watch

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