Andrew Gulliford

Position: Special to the Herald


La Posada: An Arizona oasis

I have followed the work of early 20th-century architect Mary Colter across the Southwest from Hermit’s Rest at the Grand Canyon to the Desert View Watchtower, which was inspired by her trips to...

DATE: Feb. 7, 2014 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

Recapture Canyon

In Utah, the Bureau of Land Management is seeking comments on what could be a precedent-setting mistake. In 2005, Blanding residents illegally constructed a seven-mile-long, 4-foot-wide,...

DATE: Jan. 11, 2014 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

All eyes to the sky

I love watching hawks, especially red-taileds in the Southwest, and I love watching peregrines, ospreys and eagles wherever I can find them. Imagine scanning skies with binoculars looking for...

DATE: Dec. 7, 2013 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

Route 66 Finding the Mother Road

I had the ride, but not the road. I was living in Tennessee, and I’d bought my dream car, a Big Bird or 1963 pearl white Thunderbird complete with a 390-cubic-inch Ford V-8 engine, brushed aluminum...

DATE: Nov. 9, 2013 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

From hospital to hotel

No other railroad connected the Southwest to the rest of America like the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe. Over a century after the railroad entered New Mexico many of its legendary hotels have been...

DATE: Oct. 12, 2013 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

Grand Canyon by water 14 days below the rim

It had been 105 degrees in the sun, but luckily I was in the shade when the rocks rolled and I tumbled downslope with my right foot firmly wedged between a large boulder and a 50-pound stone. My...

DATE: Sept. 7, 2013 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

Desert oasis

VERNAL, UTAH– A perennial stream in the desert is a blessing, and across the Colorado Plateau there’s nothing quite like Jones Creek on the Utah/Colorado state line in Dinosaur National Monument....

DATE: Aug. 10, 2013 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

One last sunset

Many of us are attracted to nature, expansive views and wild settings. This year millions of Americans will come west to visit our national parks, have a family vacation and make personal memories....

DATE: July 13, 2013 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

Saying goodbye to Silt

We moved to Silt on the Western Slope in the summer of 1976. I began my academic career as a fourth-grade teacher. My girlfriend, whom I’d met in San Francisco, had complained about Colorado...

DATE: June 8, 2013 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

It’s a tree – how about a hug? There’s a lot to learn from giants of the forest

OK. I admit it. I’m a tree hugger, but I am not profligate in my affections. Only certain species receive my embrace. I can’t remember when I started hugging trees, but I’ve always admired them,...

DATE: May 10, 2013 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

Virgin Mary never leaves

Driving across the mystical West, it is important to say a prayer, leave an offering, think of others. The Spanish phrase is vaya con Dios, or “go with God.” North of Abiquiu, N.M., is a roadside...

DATE: April 13, 2013 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

A stone garage’s weird story

OURAYDriving across Colorado and the West, I see historic buildings or structures that compel me to get out of my truck and take a walk. For years, I’ve driven between Silverton and Ouray and...

DATE: March 9, 2013 | COLUMN: Gulliford's Travels

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