Bryant Liggett

Position: Special to the Herald


‘Ike’s America’ radio show a history lesson

All of Ted Holteen’s favorite musicians are dead. Frank Sinatra died in 1998, Ella Fitzgerald in 1996. Vic Damone died in 2018, Bing Crosby in 1977 and Doris Day in 2019. But the KSUT DJ keeps...

DATE: July 30, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Saxophonist Bob Hemenger lets music dictate the plan

It’s like fitting the square block into the round hole. A saxophone isn’t a bluegrass instrument by any means, but Pagosa Springs-based saxophone player Bob Hemenger has played his with many a...

DATE: July 23, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

City Councilor Chris Bettin’s musical side

Had Durango City Council member and local real estate agent Chris Bettin’s childhood guitar instructor had his way, the young Bettin would have never learned guitar. He had been taking guitar...

DATE: July 9, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Almadani stretches soul definition

Durango’s getting a big nod from musicians like Bassel Almadani. If you regularly read this column or have professional musician pals, you know music scenes are suffering nationwide, careers are...

DATE: July 2, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Summer concerts in your backyard

The uninvited guest – COVID-19 – that refuses to leave the party continues to darken summer plans and summer traditions everywhere. Durango, of course, is not void of this unwanted guest’s...

DATE: June 25, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Rob Webster: ‘It’s a constant hustle’

Rob Webster is the town’s jukebox. The local musician, who has been playing out and about locally as a solo performer for about the past 12 years, has amassed a catalog in his head of songs from...

DATE: June 18, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Shafer’s album a new take on old-time music

Be it old-time, punk rock or jazz, a conversation about music with local musician Brendan Shafer is always enlightening discourse. He’s an articulate orator who will sell you on the function and...

DATE: June 11, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

KSUT offers up a virtual concert

It’s a tough time to be a festival promoter. The worldwide buzzkill that is COVID-19 has put a hard stop to summer festivals, wrecking music lovers’ vacation plans while also lightening the wallet...

DATE: June 4, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Jade Robbins goes DIY with ‘The Call’

The best Christmas gifts are the ones that can result in the production of more gifts. Like a cheese or beer-making kit. The kind of gift that will aid the recipient in further assisting and...

DATE: May 28, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

It’s been a long road for Bruce Allsopp, local musician, luthier

Longtime locals who have traveled East Animas Road (County Road 250) will remember the sign that read “Canyon Music” hanging roadside by a driveway leading up to a typical homestead. It wasn’t so...

DATE: May 21, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Glenn Keefe: Bluegrass history lesson

The list of people local bass player and sound engineer Glenn Keefe has played or worked with since making music a career is a who’s who of the Americana and bluegrass world. It’s an enviable list,...

DATE: May 14, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

Lacey Black hits 20-year show mark

June 17 marks 20 years Lacey Black has been playing piano in Silverton’s Grand Imperial Hotel. It’s a gig that began when the fourth generation Durango resident was in high school. What started as...

DATE: May 7, 2020 | COLUMN: Downtown Lowdown

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