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Symphony perfect on a day to remember

“Reveille,” that spirited international trumpet fanfare, has been America’s wake-up call for a long time. Sunday afternoon at the Community Concert Hall, Reveille appeared in the middle of a...

DATE: Sept. 12, 2011 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

Catch summer madness in Santa Fe

As luck would have it, there’s still time to see every production of the 2011 Santa Fe Opera season. If you see all five, you’ll survey opera from 1735 to the mid-20th century. Four are tragedies....

DATE: Aug. 8, 2011 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

A strange land of love and friendship

Despite pop culture’s sugary tributes to true love, people who think know it’s not a sure thing. Then again, it seems that people who think are going out of style. Enter American playwright and...

DATE: July 11, 2011 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

Summer culture options abound, near and far

It’s mid-June, and once again I’m scanning the cultural horizon. Come summer, Music in the Mountains takes pride of place on my calendar. Concerts will begin July 11 and run through July 29, when...

DATE: June 13, 2011 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

Concerts help get through the shoulder season

The winter-spring classical music season is off to a fine conclusion.April 28-29 saw two concerts on solo instruments. Clarinetist Michael Bocim gave his senior recital on Thursday. It capped a...

DATE: May 9, 2011 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

See Long’s ‘Roots’ show at Durango Arts Center

This month, blunt black roots line the staircase to the Durango Arts Center library. If you don’t know they are there, you could miss them Just inside the door, an airy screen of 56 spidery roots...

DATE: April 11, 2011 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

If it’s Bach, spring can’t be far behind

Clear your calendar. The fourth annual Durango Bach Festival starts next Sunday (March 14) and runs through March 19. C. Scott Hagler, organmaster, minister of music at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church,...

DATE: March 7, 2011 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

‘Nixon’ a timely choice for opera simulcast

Three weeks ago, China’s President Hu Jintao dined at the White House. No decent reporter could avoid remembering Nixon’s historic trip to China in 1972.Almost 40 years ago, Nixon shocked the world...

DATE: Feb. 7, 2011 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

Two art exhibits for the price of one at the DAC

Cold or comfortable. Angry, edgy or beautiful. The two exhibits running simultaneously at the Durango Arts Center this month provide an invigorating contrast.DAC has been getting a lot of press...

DATE: Jan. 10, 2011 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

So much music, so little time

So many people at so many winter events shake their heads about the choices we have in our little burg. Who would have thought?Another big musical weekend has concluded, and there’s more to...

DATE: Dec. 13, 2010 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

Music to beguile emotions on an autumn night

In the crush of fall concerts, one recital this coming Friday stands out. Mezzo-soprano Nan Nelson Wagner returns from Portland, Ore., to offer an evening of beguiling music in the sparkling...

DATE: Nov. 8, 2010 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

Hunter-gatherers get together for FLC lecture series

I have never thought of myself as a midsized bipedal hominid. But last Friday at a free Fort Lewis College lecture, everyone in the audience fit that classification.We also learned that in the...

DATE: Sept. 13, 2010 | COLUMN: Culture Gulch

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