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Ellen Roberts

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Colorado can learn from Dubai and Algeria

Our first task in the new legislative session, starting in a matter of days, will be to get our own bills in order andintroduced. Then we'll review Gov. Bill Ritter's proposed cuts for balancing...

DATE: Jan. 3, 2010 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

State budget maintains problems

Once again, we have started a new year, and it is safe to say 2009 was a challenging year for everyone. The downturn inthe national economy has affected all of us, and nearly all families in...

DATE: Jan. 2, 2010 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

State budget woes focus again of upcoming legislative session

One month until the start of the legislative session in January, and all I can say for sure is that there will be a lotof tense times ahead, given the budget cuts still to be made. I've got a sense...

DATE: Dec. 5, 2009 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

Lawmakers can learn from council

October was a busy month for me with the final meeting for the hospice and palliative care interim committee.I'll be carrying three bills resulting from the work of that committee, which focused on...

DATE: Nov. 8, 2009 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

New state senator readies for session start in January

In July, Sen. Jim Isgar left the Colorado Senate to join the U.S. Department of Agriculture as Colorado director for rural development. He was one of the longest-serving senators, and it's...

DATE: Nov. 1, 2009 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

Information gathering begins

October is here and students are back into the school routine. The leaves have changed and the temperatures are dropping. What else happens at this time of year? If you’re a state legislator in...

DATE: Oct. 4, 2009 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

Constituent contact shapes work

As the summer winds down, I had a chance to take several days to go camping with my husband. It was my first break since last December, and I was ready to step away from the phone, computer and...

DATE: Aug. 30, 2009 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

Time right to listen, act on health reform

As many people enjoy what is left of summer, the politics of health-care reform is working into a froth. While the states will be impacted greatly by what, if anything, passes in Washington, D.C.,...

DATE: Aug. 1, 2009 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

Return to Durango allows time to reconnect in district

We ended the 2009 legislative session a month ago, and I moved back home soon after. I couldn't get Denver to recede fast enough in my rear view mirror this year. It was a difficult session, partly...

DATE: June 7, 2009 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

Session ending with lingering budget concerns

Like the Energizer Bunny, the Legislature keeps going and going and going.Earlier, it was predicted we'd be done by May 1, but that's not to be. We have three possible days left, and then we'll be...

DATE: May 3, 2009 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

Rush is on to wrap up legislation

We're in the final stages of the legislative session, and the pace of the bills moving through is at warp speed. This, in part, is because the budget finally is working its way through both the...

DATE: April 26, 2009 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

Respectful debate leads to agreement about budget

It's great to be home for a short weekend to take a breather from the state Capitol buzz saw. With another heavy spring snowstorm hitting Denver, I didn't know if I'd make it, but I knew I wanted...

DATE: April 19, 2009 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

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