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Robert “Tino” Sonora

Email: sonora_t@fortlewis.edu

Economic sense a tough message for politicians

Politics and economics are like oil and water: Never the twain shall mix – at least not in a good way. Witness the current debate about the federal budget deficit and debt. Both parties claim to...

DATE: April 5, 2011 | COLUMN: Our Economy

Tough times likely to continue

Does it seem like the prices of groceries, gasoline, transportation, services and health care are increasing, while at the same time, the value of your home continues to fall? Well, it’s not your...

DATE: March 1, 2011 | COLUMN: Our Economy

Economy showing some solid, positive signs

Midway through a Sunday afternoon ride a friend asked me a favor: “Please have some good news for once.” I am aware that most of my synopses of the economy have been, shall we say, less than...

DATE: Dec. 14, 2010 | COLUMN: Our Economy

Despite OK data, no economic rebound in sight

While local economic data generally looks better than the state’s and the nation’s, the numbers still refuse to point to an economic turnaround any time soon.The Office of Economic Analysis &...

DATE: Nov. 16, 2010 | COLUMN: Our Economy

Guess what: Durango isn’t recession-proof

The abominable snowman. The Devil’s Triangle. Al Capone’s treasure. The disconnect between our local economy and the ‘outside world.’ What do these have in common?They are fallacies. Since I moved...

DATE: Oct. 19, 2010 | COLUMN: Our Economy

Financial reform may prove elusive

Much like maligned Microsoft Corp., which often is accused of simply writing ever more complex fixes to cure deficiencies of past operating systems, Congress has adopted the patch-it practice in...

DATE: July 27, 2010 | COLUMN: Our Economy

Nation's good economic news doesn't fit here

There's a morbid joke about the Great Depression that it really wasn't that “great." So, too, appears to be the fate ofthe Great Recession of 2007-?Nationally, we are starting to get some good...

DATE: May 5, 2010 | COLUMN: Our Economy

Home sales slowly find a balance

At Fort Lewis College, we regularly write about the local, state and national real estate market. However, as manyresearchers will tell you, the type of data you have access to greatly impacts the...

DATE: April 7, 2010 | COLUMN: Our Economy

Some good news, but labor market remains weak

There has been some good news from the various statistical agencies that track macroeconomic data.From the Bureau of Economic Analysis comes news that the U.S. economy grew at annual rate of 5.7...

DATE: Feb. 10, 2010 | COLUMN: Our Economy

Economy not on solid footing to start 2010

As an investment adviser, many ask my opinion about the future of a range of asset classes to include stocks, bonds,real estate and commodities.Keep in mind that I am a financial analyst, not an...

DATE: Jan. 13, 2010 | COLUMN: Our Economy

Unemployment shows economy still in trouble

Last week, we finally got some data that suggested the Great Recession is starting to come to a close. Indeed, thedirector of President Obama's National Economic Council, Larry Summers, has gone so...

DATE: Dec. 16, 2009 | COLUMN: Our Economy

Local economy slow, but beats national average

The economic seasonality of Southwest Colorado and the Four Corners is related to tourism's impact on Durango'seconomy, which is tempered by Fort Lewis College activity. In general, the summer...

DATE: Nov. 18, 2009 | COLUMN: Our Economy

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