Mark Pearson

Position: Thinking Green

Desert Rock goes back to drawing board

For more than six years, proponents of the Desert Rock Energy Project have been hard at work trying to convince theworld that building a 1,500-megawatt coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Nation...

DATE: April 15, 2010 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

Fracing study can end the debate for good

As soon as the word fracing enters any discussion on coal-bed methane production, it is sure to trigger division amongthe spectrum of stakeholders affected by the practice. If for no other reason,...

DATE: April 1, 2010 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

Gas industry seeks to change pit-liner rules

When the state Legislature ratified new rules governing how gas and oil production can be conducted in Colorado, theindustry hardly was gushing with praise.Instead, industry representatives wrung...

DATE: March 18, 2010 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

A consensus created plan for Hermosa Creek

Despite the fairness implicit in the democratic process - one person, one vote - the system more often than not leavesat least one person unhappy with the outcome, perhaps profoundly so.Ask any...

DATE: March 4, 2010 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

Uranium bill necessary and easy to do

The Colorado Legislature faces no easy tasks in its 2010 session, and any measure with a fiscal note attached is notlikely to be well-received by members of either party. Indeed, lawmakers will be...

DATE: Feb. 18, 2010 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

Water filings call for action by landowners

The last couple of weeks have brought a flurry of news stories about gas companies, water grabs, rulemakings andstatements of opposition. The issue is as convoluted as it is confusing, but what it...

DATE: Feb. 4, 2010 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

EPA's ozone standards are a return to reason

Last week, I had a meeting in Phoenix that meant a round-trip journey on the US Airways route across the Four Corners.My return flight bisected the region at about sunset, and as we made our final...

DATE: Jan. 20, 2010 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

National Environmental Policy Act reaches 40th birthday milestone

Environmentalists love nothing more than a good acronym, and never miss an opportunity to create one and bandy it aboutwith irritating frequency. In this tradition - or perhaps what was the start...

DATE: Jan. 7, 2010 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

Copenhagen brings little more than air

With all of the momentum, marketing and anticipation surrounding the United Nations Climate Change Conference thatfinished last week in Copenhagen, it was reasonable to have expected a meaningful...

DATE: Dec. 24, 2009 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

Desert Rock project dealt crippling blow

The proponents of the Desert Rock Energy Project are nothing if not persistent. However painful though, learning when to take a hint is an important life lesson for anyone, and Sithe Global is no ...

DATE: Dec. 10, 2009 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

LPEA poised to push green energy projects

If there is ever to be a wholesale societal shift away from fossil fuels and the pollution they create when put to use,it will result from the combined efforts of consumers and producers. In many...

DATE: Nov. 12, 2009 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

Hope dwindles for meaningful climate action

When President Barack Obama was a candidate for the nation's highest office, he made priorities out of four important issues: the economy, health care, education and energy. Since his election...

DATE: Oct. 29, 2009 | COLUMN: Thinking Green

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