Bill Husted

Position: Techno Buddy


Tech problems and treatments for all users

Your computer, like your car, microwave oven and TV, will develop problems over time. That's not a prediction - it's a sure thing. One day, it'll be toast, and you'll be in a jam.Maybe because...

DATE: Sept. 19, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

Keeping older computer can be costly

It was as if someone froze time and movement. Almost every person in the parking lot stopped and stared as a 1957 Chevrolet convertible pulled in. The candy-apple paint, the gleaming Lake pipes,...

DATE: Sept. 12, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

The right way to get help for computer fixes

The best tool for fixing a computer often is a credit card.The most common cause of a hopelessly messed-up computer is incompetent fixing, so it's important to understand there's no shame in taking...

DATE: Aug. 30, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

Fine-tuning reception for TV antennas

The move to digital broadcast TV was a success overall. Those with cable and satellite TV didn't need to do a thing. And most of those who use an antenna either have worked things out or now have a...

DATE: Aug. 16, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

Simple steps can dull pain of tech headaches

Maybe your Internet service is on the fritz or your computer has taken leave of its senses.When that happens, a feeling of gloom and dread envelops your day. You realize you'll need to ask for...

DATE: Aug. 9, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

Answers easy to find, but are they right?

You can find the answer to any technology question on the Web - as long as you don't care whether it's right.The right answers are out there scattered among a bunch of nonsense. But you have to...

DATE: Aug. 2, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

In digital age, TV antennas make comeback

It was just a short drive to a friend's house in another neighborhood, but it felt as if I was driving back in time.I spotted first one, then another and finally about four shiny aluminum rooftop...

DATE: July 26, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

Start thinking now about Windows 7

It was like the combination of a rock concert and the circus coming to town. The weeks and months before the release of a new version of Windows turned geeks a bit giddy.When the big day arrived,...

DATE: July 19, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

Improve photos by knowing your camera

ATLANTA - A blurry orange object, maybe a melted jelly bean, caught my eye. Next, I could see what looked to be the top half of a human head. Finally, there was a smear of yellow that had some...

DATE: July 11, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

Replacement computers are affordable

It's no secret that these are tough times. Many of us are learning that while it's no disgrace to be temporarily poor, it can be highly inconvenient.So what do you do when the family's only...

DATE: July 5, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

There are many ways to kill your computer

It once was the standard opening line delivered to new students of home computing. They were told to experiment with the machine without worry because "nothing you can do will hurt it."I kept...

DATE: June 28, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

Some advice for a high-tech vacation

Vacations make no sense.A couple of times a year, I leave my comfortable home and big-screen TV for an average to below-average hotel room. My fancy two-seater sports car stays behind, and I rent...

DATE: June 21, 2009 | COLUMN: Techno Buddy

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